Thoughtful Thursday ~ DOUBLE talk

It’s a crazy week here at “Chez ~ K” (if I ever have a restaurant that is what I will name it!)  Anyhow, lots of planning and scheming and finagling my DOLLAR DOUBLER deals….

Tonight I stopped again, did 3 quick orders valued at $73 (including milks, creamers, cheeses, and Italian Sausage and OREOS!!

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco.

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After coupons and doublers I only spent $27 AND I earned another .40 off of gas – although, if you have been following, you know that is about all I have SINCE MY HUSBAND USED MY GAS POINTS – AGHHHH!   I feel a little “zombie-ish” or COMPLETELY OBSESSED when dollar doublers are going on… anyone else??  Do you GOTTA, GOTTA, GOTTA have ‘em too??  Or are you among the masses that are having a rough time with the doublers this go round?  I have been hearing lots of NASTY stories and I am wondering what is going on…??  I have seen the “rules” detailed out and the “questions” answered by Tops personnel on many blogs but it does seem there is an EXTREME amount of ‘confused’ cashiers and disgruntled managers….  What is up with that??

~ Have you shopped?  How much did you save?  How was your experience?

~ I haven’t even stepped into Rite-aid or CVS this week….agh… I feel like I am missing something… BUT I’m pretty sure it is probably more ‘Dollar Doublers’!!

~ Tonight I seriously had the best meal I have had in ages… it was unbelievable… like if I could move, I would eat up my leftovers right now DELICIOUS!  YES – That good!!!!  Stay tuned….  Hahahaha




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  1. I wish i had the creamer coupons where did you get them?

    • Misse – The CoffeeMate is 2/$6 or $3 each for the big ones and I have $1.10 off 2 (which I have had no problem using with a doubler and every 2 I buy seems to trigger a catalina for another $1.00 off… so I am basically getting 2/$3!! The coupon was in the 1/27 RP – inside front cover!!

  2. dishinwithdidi

    Can’t wait to hear all about your meal! I just finally got back from school. I’ve been there for over 14 hours. I have a nice stiff drink going and spring break is next week. Alas, I’m going back tomorrow for more math!!

    Haven’t even stepped foot into Tops or the drugstores. UPS expiring this weekend so I have to do something with RA, haven’t looked. Meanwhile, I don’t think I’ve been to CVS since before Ann left for vacation, no seriously!! I have a GC and that doesn’t expire. See, it’s been a while my Michelle!!

    • Oh Didi – you will LOVE this one!! I found a recipe for chicken taquitos and made it my own…well my husband did – he really is the better cook!!!

      I am so proud of you and the schooling… did you ever tell me whether you are with my friend Todd in class???

      I also have $50 in RA UPS that have to be used by the 11th…remind me okay?!! LOL

    • Hi Didi 🙂
      I just wanted to tell you, I made your stuffed pepper recipe 3 nights ago and it was delicious. Just wanted you to know that even though I haven’t been posting, I still follow your blog 🙂 too.

  3. I have been having a blast this gas period. I don’t want to sound like I am bragging but I am really happy about the three free 30 gal fill ups I have already had this gas points period. I am now at $1.90, I still plan on shopping some more. This week I have been getting the gordons fish and the Ore Ida’s fries (doing the Saving Star deal on the Ore Ida’s). My store is great no problems at all.

    • Ida my Gas Point hero…. so nice to hear from you!! I love that we at least get to “chat” during dollar doublers!! I keep forgetting to look at the Gortons… I know they are B1G1 and part of the BONUS gas points, but how much?? I started from scratch on points this week so we’ll see if I can fill up…LOL My stores are GREAT too – especially compared to the horror stories I have been hearing!!!!

      • The Gordons prices $4.99, $5.29, $5.49 and $7.99 B1G1 buy 6 get 200pts. Tis the season for fish at my house. The Fries are part of that gas deal too.

        Ya I am still around, even though I haven’t been posting much. I do enjoy your sense of humor.

      • Thanks Ida – I am not a FISH fan, but my hubs is… so maybe I’ll get him some!! ~ and THANK YOU!!

  4. dishinwithdidi

    Awwwww my Ida!! ♥ You mean the vegetarian mini poppers? Yay!! *Didi doing the happy dance* So glad you and your family liked them!! They are so darn good!! I”ve been wondering about you sweetheart. Hope all is well. Drop me a line since I’ve like lost all my email addy’s because of the new pc… ugh

    Love my Ida!! ♥

  5. Ann @ coupons deals and more suggested I check out your blog as it is local for me. (I blog hop and end up in states I don’t even know the shapes of and deals I will never find!) I love this site…you are a riot I have to say and have been laughing about your adventures cuz they are so true. (especially the Poise haha!) I haven’t been to my local Tops since last week when the checkout person asked me 27 times (exaggeration) ‘are you sure you really bought this?’ Anyway thanks for the great ideas and I’ll keep reading!

    • Well Hi Sue! Thanks for “visiting” Must be you are missing CDM and Ann too – I am going nuts… she is my hero, my idol and I trust her site so much that it has been killing me not having her around…. LOL – HERE – not always offering the best advice or deals…just totally keeping it REAL here!! AND I thinks it helps to go into TOPS figuring you will have to explain yourself, you will have to tell the cashier how to do their job and you will have to PROVE everything… LOL!!! Stay tuned!!!

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