Sunday Funday ~ Rite-aid Shopping, over $40 FREE and they paid me $8!!!!

540859_10200869259559609_1450875861_nWhat a weekend… oh my, that time change REALLY messes with our home!  We were crazy busy all weekend, unfortunately we had a funeral “Celebration of Life” to attend – which I gotta say…. I think that is such a nice way to honor the deceased!  This was a brother of some great friends I grew up with and as unfortunate of an event it was, it was try wonderful to see so many friends.  It really is true, the old adage about weddings and funerals….  So sad!  This is why we are scheduling the 1st Annual “Friend Reunion” this summer… it will happen!  Thinking 1st weekend in August… County Park??  Everyone welcome, the more the merrier – Mark it now!!  AND R.I.P Marty Young!!!!

I still managed a quick trip out to shop, although  I only hit Rite-aid so far.  I was very disappointed to realize the RA (Peroxide and Alcohol) items advertised as B1G1 FREE and get a $5 UP was actually get a $5 UP wyb $10… it did not even specify on the sign, but it read that way on my receipt as a “rolling tally”…  Oh well – sometimes the deals are too good to be true! 

AND sometimes they are not….  YEAH for the Banana Boat deal!!!  They were $10.99, B1G1 FREE… and each one triggered a $5 UP (Monthly Reward)… so really only $.99 each – BUT of course I found the $3 peelies right on the bottles… I got 4 tubes FREE and made $8!!  I also have 2 more peelies from last month’s deal so I hope my next RA has some stock…  LOVE this deal!!  And there was a $1/2 tear pad for Doritos, so I grabbed a couple for a future purchase.

I did buy lots of the candy promo’s (CLICK HERE to read the Rite-aid deals) for the Easter Bunny so they – of course – could not be pictured…. 

I plan on hitting CVS tomorrow because I am hoping I can get 5 packages of Oreos for $1 each (CLICK HERE for the CVS deals).  I will also stop quick at TOPS – (CLICK HERE for ~some~ TOPS deals) but just for the corned beef deals… gonna have “Boiled Dinner” on Wednesday and of course Ruebens on Friday.

How was your weekend?  Did you get out to shop?  Any great deals?? 

Are you planning a Corned Beef Dinner? 

Do tell – Let’s Chat!!!


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  1. dishinwithdidi

    I’m sorry about your friend Michelle! ♥ I would love to come to the picnic. Remind me and hubby and I will be there Lord willing!

    Just wanted to let you know that the corned beef is actually cheaper at Aldi’s and if you like the flat point, or point flat, or point cut, or what is that thing called with leaner fat again…
    Anyway, they are over .40 a lb cheaper. I bought mine today.

    Hit RA and my Pinecone survey Mastercard didn’t work again, but that’s okay, I used it at Tops, worked like a charm!

    I bought $31.76 worth of St. Joseph aspirin (I use it daily, have to), after coupons and UPS I paid $9.00 and got back $20.00 So if you have anyone that needs to have the 81mg of aspirin everyday this is a fantastic they pay you deal…

    Ok, off to answer FB posts. Have a great nite honey! ♥

  2. You are the best Didi!! I will try the aspirin deal for my MIL… and will certainly hit Aldi for the cheaper Corned beef then!! Thank you!!
    Cant wait for our get-to-gether!!

  3. Ms. Didi – I am trying to find the St. Joseph deal and I can’t…. ADVICE???

  4. dishinwithdidi

    I don’t know how many UPs you have Michelle. I had $16 that were expiring today. I bought 2 of the very large, I think 120ct, and 2 of the 80 count. Used (2) $4.50? (sorry don’t have the cpn in front of me atm) and (2) $2.25. With my Gold discount it came to $31.76. Used my cpns and UPS. Paid above as stated. Does that help at all gorgeous one?

  5. dishinwithdidi

    Yup, got $20UP back it’s part of the monthly deal. I read the tags underneath the St. Joseph just to make sure. They read buy $30 get $20UPs. I had no problems with that at all MIchelle.

  6. Oh those secret monthly deals – LOL – awesome!! Thank you Lovey!!!

  7. Hi girls!!! Taking a casino break here in Vegas and here I am reading the blogs….LOL!
    Traveling yesterday AM was a &^%$# with the 1 spring ahead hr. and 3 hrs. behind here….. Looking forward to Batavia!

    • Terri (Colorado)

      Hey Lea Ann, Miss you girl! Hope you’re having a fab time and teaching the dealers a thing or two down at the casinos. We’ll touch base when you get back. Hope you and your dad are getting some much needed R&R.

  8. Lea Ann – what are you doing?? LOL Get down stairs and win some $$$$$!!! LOL…. Did you at least grab awesome VEGAS coupons yesterday??? Can’t wait to hook up!!

  9. Terri (Colorado)

    Greetings all, nice to hear all the chat..especially with Ann’s site going away and me going thru CD&M withdrawal. :o( I managed to score big on both the St. Joseph’s and the Banana Boat at RA this week. The St. J’s has some $4.50 and $2.25 cpns out, so if you bought 14 of the 36 ct at $2.15 (20% wellness disc) and used 14 of the $2.25 cpns, you got all of ’em for free plus a $2.10 moneymaker. Similar deals with the larger sizes, only used the $4.50 cpns on those.

    Since you can only get 4 Banana Boat UPS per household, I scrounged cards from friends and family and got a ton of that stuff for free as well. Michelle, you actually got BOTH of your BB products for just $.99, not $.99 each. Since the second one is free, you paid $10.99 for two. With two $5 UPS, that leave you paying only $.99 for BOTH!

    These were the only real deals this week, IMO. Got flyers for the next two weeks, today, so will check on those and see what might be coming up. Hope everyone is doing well. Toodles!

    • OMG you are right Terri – I made more than I thought – LOL!!! So glad to see you here!! Just dying without CD&M, my multi-doses of Ann and all the commentors… so Thank you for sharing here!!!!

  10. Terri (Colorado)

    Okay, I’m going to share a deal scenario for NEXT week at RA since, for those interested, you’re going to want to order your mfg coupons NOW! I LOVE L’Oreal Preference hair color and here’s a killer deal.

    Next week’s sale any Preference hair color 2/$17.98 w/$5/2 in-ad cpn. Buy $25 worth and get $10 UPS (limit 4).

    Buy 12 @ 2/$17.98 = $107.88
    Use 6 $5/2 in ad cpns (-$30.00)
    Use 12 $2/1 mfg cpns (-24.00)
    OOP: $53.88 (or good place to use past UPS) but get back four $10 UPS (-40.00)
    Result: 12 boxes for $1.16 ea after UPS

    This is seriously good hair color. If you don’t need or want that much, split the cost/items with family or friends.

  11. dishinwithdidi

    Hey Terri!! How are you girl? Man it’s good to see a friendly face!! ♥ I bought the St. Joseph’s this week, my store’s stock sucks, so I ended up buying to of the largest, & 2 of the 2nd largest. Used (2) $4.50/1 and (2) $2.25/1. Used Ups and paid $9 something OOP and got back $20UP. I was very happy since I use it daily, and so does my mom!!

    Thank you for the Loreal scenario. I don’t know if I will buy 12 because I don’t have that many cpns. Does it cost alot to order cpns? I’ve never ordered before. I ony bought 1x and that was thru Ebay and the cpns didn’t double, so I was ticked!

    LeaAnn!! WIN BIG girlfriend!! ♥

    • Didi – I like to use my Savingstar credit to buy coupons and I have been happy with “Coupons by Dede”… mainly I order when I can get some good .75 as appossed to our typical $1/2….

    • Terri (Colorado)

      Nah, it’s cheap to order coupons, at least I won’t pay more than about $2 for 20 and only then if they’re high dollar amts. I bought my pk of 20 L’Oreal cpns on eBay (where I buy most) and I always sort according to lowest price and FREE shipping. Mine were only $1.29 for all of them and I figure that $1.29 is going to save me somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars, so yeah, it’s worth it. I dumpster dive so I get huge piles of coupons anyway but so many of them are regional. And if you order before other couponers get wind of a pending sale, you can get better prices because the sellers will ask more if they think they can get more. I ordered mine from Coupons For You but I always go with the lowest price, regardless of who’s selling them. Remember, that you can always split the cost of a pk with others in your area (most of you seem to be friends in the same locale) so that you share the cost and share the savings. Hope that helps!

      • Love it Terri – I too need to set up an ebay account again – it has been years since I used ebay – I used to have a Baby Lulu (girls clothing line) addiction and had to “remove” ebay – LOL!!!!

  12. dishinwithdidi

    I’ll keep that in mind MIchelle, thank you!

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