Thoughtful Thursday ~ Let’s Chat!!

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    All week I have been trying to get excited about some of the current deals and then I even looked to next week…  Can I just say I REALLY hate grocery shopping without gas point earning potential…  just seems like a waste… like paying for toothpaste, there just isn’t any reason to do it!!  Agree??  (Then there is that whole “kissin’ your sister” analogy…LOL)


  • Leprechaun Traps – anyone else CONSUMED with creating the perfect trap to catch that little bugger (Thank gawd for pinterest these days)?  Not only do we have to create the intricate trap but then  – even though that little guy probably “got away” – he would have certainly dropped some loot….  and frankly no-one is impressed by a few gold candy coins anymore!  When did every single holiday turn into extravagant gift giving sessions?  Anyone else find it difficult to appreciate or even celebrate the little holidays when your kids are telling stories of the leprechaun leaving big gifts like video games???  SERIOUSLY – I see it happening all around me!!  I mean the tooth fairy regularly drops $5 (or more) a tooth on some of these kids… and do not even get me started on the Easter Bunny, you know Santa Jr. – what the heck??!! 


  • So my oldest – the good child…. I have been highly amused by him for a while now – he WAS acting like a little song bird, chirping away about all of his buds being “in love” and how everyone was “dating”… Oh my how I laughed at all my poor friend’s with kids in this scenario – I mean they are 12… where are they going with this… dating-schmating!  BUT – my baby, the good one, kinda quit jabbering lately… no matter how much I inquired; he wasn’t spilling the beans any more…  SO –  as only a good Mom does, I read all of his instagram postings and OMG… HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND…..  WHAT?????????   I read (here is a KEY for you to follow /  J = the good child,  and DRLG = Dirty, Rotten, Little Girl who better not mess with my baby, the * are my added comments – obviously):  

J:  Hey – s’up?         *(ghetto much?? WHAT??)

DRLG:   HI… Wanna FT         *(that means facetime)

J:   ya… I was talking to this other girl and she wanted to know bout us… are we BF /GF or what??      *(other girl, yeah… that’s cool! And BF/GF is           boyfriend/girlfriend – LOL, I am here to help!!)

DRLG:   YEAH… Wanna FT

  • OMG… Can you say OMG….. aghhhhhhh…. which is worse – the fact that this is occurring – or the fact that this  exact wording is my son’s “line”….  OMG – soooo Suave!!!!  LOL – He is his father’s kid for sure!!!  I am not ready for this – I was so happy that he did not seem to care about girls, he is MY baby for goodness sake – aghhhhhhhhhh….  NOT READY!!!!!  AND no – it does not help to remember myself at 12, in sixth grade… I was riding the early bus to school under the pretense of extra morning help, applying makeup on that bus (LOVELY) and actually kissing a boy behind the bleachers on the track…  OMG – I need a drink!!!!!!!!


  • As I sit here typing this all up I realize I really want to paint my dining room furniture… I need to maximize this frustration….  I have an old farmhouse set… heavy pine… HUGE bulky pieces, that I love, but not so much on the distressed (that is the cool word for old and beat up) look and color.  I wanna go BLACK and I have seen tutorials on painting furniture but wondering if anyone has tips or pointers??  Ever do it?  Or is this one of those many ideas I get, crazy projects I start where after too much time and $ spent I realize this is something best left to an expert….  ??  Anyone want to paint my furniture??


  • I am hungry and I really want a Chicken Souvlaki (how do you spell that??) Pita…


These are my thoughts on this Thursday… what about you? 

Opinions on mine?  Some of your own? 

Do tell… Let’s Chat!!


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  1. Your post crack me up! I swear I know you or someone who talks just like you! LoL!
    I agree with you about grocery shopping at Tops unless there are gas point deals! I too have avoided going and instead hit up Walmart for milk and got some free El Monterey Burritos and a few other freebies. I’m probably the only one in my house who will eat the burritos. But I figured since I’m a stay at home mom and usually forget to eat lunch, I can easily pop one of these in and enjoy!

    I know nothing about Leprechauns, trapping them and have never heard of them leaving gifts! Now, as for Easter, I can’t wait for Easter. I’m having my first Easter dinner at my house so that will be fun and interesting. The Easter Bunny who comes here is a Santa Jr! And I blame the hubby for that! His excuse is “his parents always did it up for him” and mine is “my parents never did anything special for me but a $5 pre-packed basket”! (To me that was very special at the time)! So, he wins. As long as he’s buying and not dipping in my couponing fund! LoL.

    Now as for painting furniture…this I know a lot about! I’ve painted tons of pieces and made them look brand new again. I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. Most important to me is, wait for a nice NOT windy day outside and spray the pieces instead of painting. The finish comes out way better and it’s done and dry in half the time. Second would be the finish on the spray you choose. I would not go with a high gloss spray or paint. It easily chips and looks cheap. I’d go with a satin finish. I love the black satin the best. I went through a phase where I sprayed everything I could white…then another phase where everything got sprayed black satin. And has stayed black and love it. I’ve sprayed everything from chairs ( my specialty…especially the part where I get to pick a nice matching fabric & re-do the chair pad) to dressers, bookshelves, vases, plant pots. I realized everything is paintable of shall I say sprayable!

    Thank you for taking the time to Blog I enjoy reading it daily. One day I plan to start my own. But have no clue where to begin! Till then I’ll keep enjoying and smiling at yours! 🙂

    • Oh wait! I forgot to comment about your son “dating”! LOL. I also have a “good one” who is now 13. I too have heard the same convos going on with him and his friends. At least he’s got the nerve to ask me “Mom, when am I allowed to date”? I hold the chuckle and say “when you’re mature enough to not argue with your 4 yr old sister, when I’m not picking up your socks off the floor, when you can brush your teeth without me telling you, etc, etc ” He says “You’re right Mom, I’m not ready”! LoL

    • Hi Mari – LOL.. thanks for chatting!!! Love the Painting tips… and knowing others have Santa Jr too!!!

  2. Terri (Colorado)

    Two comments. First on your painting, I too have done a LOT of recycling and repurposing and LOTS of painting/repainting. Agree with Mari’s suggestion as to going Satin. Definitely. But if you want some contrast or something a little “more,” you might try a crackle paint. Or masking off little sections and going with a contrasting color (maybe similar to your cushion colors, if applicable). You can always add a little applique. Also, depending on how “folksie,” you want to get (if at all), you can take a piece and have the whole family get in on making it an heirloom by giving each member of the family a section where they can apply their own design and painted signature/date (kinda like an heirloom quilt).

    As to your son, I had to smile. By age 10, most of us kids were playing at going steady. Back in those days, ID bracelets were all the rage and you were BF/GF if you exchanged ID bracelets. While I can imagine that as a parent you’re pulling your hair out, just breathe….go for that glass of wine…and realize that your son is perfectly normal. If you taught him right, he’ll have learned how to treat the girls he hangs with, so trust your parenting skills. :o)

    • Oh Terri – if only you and Mari were right here to ADVISE (and by that I mean actually do the work while I ply you with food and drinks) me on this furniture job… LOL I may be seeking online advice soon, or I may just forget the whole thing like I have many times before – hahaha

  3. Ok, I have never heard of gifts on st. Patrick’s day or Santa jr. Thank God!
    Pretty- it is not gonna be josh…you are in so much trouble with delaney…. And maybe Connor…you know those youngest ones learn ALOT!!!
    Thinking about you as a child & WAY to smart for your own good. How your mother ever lived through your teen years….God bless Peg.

  4. LOL Pretty – I can’t believe you think I was a “bad” kid…??? WHAT???? That is so not how I remember it…. good student, chaste (is that the right word?), worked all the time…. isn’t that true??? LOL… I realize Lu will be trouble so I am prepared for that – CK is ALL READY trouble so yeah, him too…. but my oldest – the good one – NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I tried to convince him that the Riggs or Young girls were a best fit – their Momma’s can cook!!! LOL Oh lord, I never believed these days would come!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dishinwithdidi

    All I can is you “kill me girl”!!!

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