Sunday Funday ~ The PLAN… What’s yours??


J. P Chenet French wine, a popular UK grocery ...

J. P Chenet French wine, a popular UK grocery store brand, in a photographic collage with grapes and bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gas point redemption time only = BORING shopping in my world!!  How about you??

Other than the cheap ham, I don’t have much interest in trying to make deals since I really won’t be grocery shopping this week…  well except for milk and bread… we are always grabbing milk and bread… sometimes I grab them at the drug stores with my rewards money just to save an extra stop (and more money)!  Agree?? 

(LOL – the blog recommends pictures for me to add to posts and the one above was number one…. not sure what it has to do with my jabbering but I like it… hahaha)

A few of my friends do amazing match-ups no matter the gas point deals so please visit:

Christina at WNY Deals and ToDos (CLICK HERE)

Suzanne at Suzy Saver WNY (CLICK HERE)

And Tricia at Tricia’s Frugal Finds (CLICK HERE)

I really do shop every week, but seriously, we could LIVE off the food in this house for months so I am totally okay with missing the weeks when I can’t get gas points.  Do you shop every week – no matter what? 

Of course I will hit my usual Rite-aid and CVS tomorrow and here are the deals I have planned:

Rite-aid (CLICK HERE)


Have you shopped today?  Any great deals??  I miss my Coupons, Deals and More with her Sunday Shopping page…  I generally don’t shop until Monday though so I LOVE to hear about deals others find!!  PLEASE feel free to share!!!

Do you pay a little more for some things just to maximize the convenience (milk or bread at drug or corner store)?   

Do you “Meal Plan”??  I swear we cannot function without a plan….  I am working on next week right now (check back later for the details) and have a ham in the oven as we “speak”.   What are you planning for meals this week?? 

Do tell… Let’s Chat!!!


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  1. LOL – BTW, I still managed to spend the $50 to earn the jumpstart 100 gas points for next week!! Easy to do!!
    And Butter was only $1.99!!

  2. dishinwithdidi

    LOL, haven’t hit Tops, don’t plan on it this week. We did our produce at the Farmer’s market yesterday and Aldi’s has a good produce week this week.
    I do plan on sending hubby to Wegman’s for 2-3 more corned beefs. I gotta be honest with you Michelle, the leanest tastiest corned beef I’ve ever had. You can see a pic on my “dishin” FB. Mind you I took it with my Iphone, well because I wanted to eat dontcha ya know!! 😉

    Hit RA first for the Loreal that Terri mentioned. Bought 6, 1 clearance, 3 papers, 3 Diet 7-up. After cpns and Ups I paid $4 something and rc’d back 2($10) & a $2UP. Not bad, and THANK YOU TERRI!! ♥

    CVS bought the much needed paper deals. A $4/$20 printed out for me, what? Guess who will be going 1x time… I know!! 😀

  3. dishinwithdidi

    Michelle it’s the Wegmans brand and it’s a bit more expensive at $3.69lb, worth every bite! Hubby said the shelves were cleared of the more reasonable ones. There was only 1 left of the $12 one and the rest were the huge ones. Not in my budget. (I wish).

    Looking forward to your weekly menu. Oh btw, there were 2 inserts this week. The SS had Tops cpns in them.

  4. I did realize the insert mstake and correct it on the post yesterday…sorry for any confusion!!! trying to get my menu done now!!!

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