Thoughtful Thursday ~ Completely CRAZY!!!


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Completely in a “deal-doing” funk… Rite-aid and CVS are BORING next week… BUT I am holding out for some fabulous TOPS deals since gas points start back up!!  PS – Do NOT forget to redeem your existing gas points by Saturday!!   And for all that is good, stay posted to this deal page for all the Tops deals I am compiling!!

Completely drained of my VOLUNTEERING mojo…  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Sports…  GGGRRRR…. BUT – at least it is time to start baseball season – and I LOVE baseball season , well baseball season meaning watching my 12 year old’s games while I eat hot dogs and soft pretzels and chat with all my friends in the stands… not so much on the T ball and watching ‘snot- nosers’ pick weeds… just keepin’ it real my friends!!

Completely over the DRAMA on Facebook lately…. seriously, what makes perfectly sane people say what they do online??  If whiney complainers put half the effort they use for complaining into doing whatever they are whining about… it probably wouldn’t be such an issue… but then what would they complain about??  AND truthfully – what would I have to read?  …and complain about??  LOL

Completely banged right upside the head, for believing there is good in someone that has proved evil, over and over and over again… WAIT… is that 3 OVERS??  Why yes it is, and since it’s baseball season, I can now say it:  Three strikes and  YOU  ARE  OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  AGREED????

Completely do not understand the differences in FISH… Halibut, Cod, Haddock…???  Which one??  How to make it so I can eat it when I really don’t like it…  I am guessing deep fried “sticks”, covered in ketchup isn’t quite doing anything for me…  HMMMM

Completely understand why I am NOT a nurse…  I have a semi-sickie kiddo and semi-sick equates to “I am too sick to do anything but not sick enough to actually sleep it off”…  UGH the whining!!!  BUT I “laugh” about our choice of SICK food… you know the foods you have to have when you are sick and therefore any and all offspring are forced to eat the same things when they are sick because HEY – it works for you… Right??  Ours are;  Orange (Have to be Orange) popsicles, Warm Ginger Ale and Saltine Crackers – and yes they have to be Saltines!  The ole’, “I bought Store Brand because they were cheaper since I didn’t have a coupon” just doesn’t fly when you are a sickie – aghhhhh!!

COMPLETELY think I am being a “big fat whiney ass baby” myself here… but you know what…. I feel better for sharing!  And so will you… go ahead… give me a good rant…  tell me what’s going on….  Let’s Chat!!!



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  1. I have a real good tilapia fish for you. I don’t particularly care for haddock myself but like tilapia.
    I put a few Panko breadcrumbs on top… Yummo

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