Finally Friday ~ Planning the Deal-a-palooza!!

It’s “FINALLY FRIDAY” ~ WhoooHooo…   


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Crazy busy Saturday planned but I am trying to go with the fun of it…  I get to go to a Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication Ceremony – which is one piece of my real job that I actually LOVE (not so much on a Sat. morning mind you, but…) and then I am meeting up with some AMAZING blogging friends that I can’t wait to see and I get to end the day out with my hubs and friends having cocktails!  Then there is still Sunday… the day of rest… you know, the REST of the cooking, the REST of the laundry, the REST of the cleaning, and the REST of the Shopping!!

I am actually looking forward to TOPS this next week…  I have slacked during the past 2 weeks since there was not potential to earn gas points and I am thrilled by what is shown as deals now that we are back to earning the gas points! 


In the mean time, in case you missed any of the highlights….

This week ~

As usual, I posted an easy, delicious recipe on Tasty Tuesday – the picture?  Oh my – I know, I can’t be perfect at everything I tell you…  LOL!  The picture does not do these delicious brownies justice… they are out of this world!!  Check them out HERE ~ Party Brownies!!

There was once again a great deal of random rambling on Thoughtful Thursday, COMPLETELY Crazy (CLICK HERE)… Opinions on any of it??  I would LOVE to hear from you!!

PS – Do NOT forget to use up your existing gas points by 3/23!!!


And now for the new…

Next week ~

Coupons to expect this Sunday:  Both a Smart Source and a Red Plum so check carefully!!   

CVS and RA are being “looked into”…  I will post some scenarios IF/WHEN I find anything worthy…  I am too busy with TOPS right now… 

TOPS:  I compiled all the deals I have so far… Check them out CLICK HERE…  We are talking cheap granola bars, paper goods, baking items and Kraft products ~ It will be a deal-a-palooza!!   I am totally going to be more than ½ way to a FREE tank of gas after just the first week… are you??  Do tell!!

 Finally – You may wish to sign up for the FREE email notifications…  every time “Michelle Talks ~ OUR REAL DEAL” has a post, you will get an email… go ahead, sign up  ~ over there, to the left, scroll down… see the box?  Enter your email and don’t forget to Confirm once you receive the email! 

AND comment… PLEASE!!

Tell me something about your week… or your coming weekend… 

Or your favorite upcoming deal at Tops…

Let’s chat!!




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  1. See you tomorrow my friend, looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. ROFL.. I love your Sunday, day of REST… Yep.. sounded like my Sndays when I was still gainfully employed.

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