Monday Matchups ~ TOPS, $185 for $58 after Bonus Gas Points!!


(Once again my FINE photogrphy skills dominates!  Can’t upload, so took a picture of the camera screen with my phone… SERIOUSLY… LOL… but I couldn;t wait to share my deals!!)

WHOLE TRIP:  3 Orders / $185.59 worth of groceries

– $97.51 Discounts and Coupons  = $88.08 Cost (That is a 47% savings!!)

PLUS – 1000 gas points earned, a $30 value!!

NET Cost = $58.08 for $185.59 worth of groceries….  AMAZING!!!!


Order #1


2 BONUS Gas Point Deals:

6 Crystal Lights and a Peanut Butter AND a Maxwell House coffee, 4 cheeses and 2 Kool-aid Jammers


Total before savings:  $56.76

Total savings (Tops discounts and coupons):  $30.27

Total Paid:  $27.61

Gas points earned:  500 Points (a $15 value)

Net Cost:  $12.61


Order #2


Baker’s Special – $3 INSTANT Savings wyb 6 Items:

2 Sugar, 2 Chocolate Chips, 2 Tops Oil


1 BONUS Gas Point Deals:

5 Dixie, 2 lg. Plates, 2 sm. Plates, 1 cups


Del Monte – $2 INSTANT Savings:

10 Cans Green Beans



4 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations (FREE)


2 Coffee Mate Creamers


Total before savings:  $65.66

Total savings (Tops discounts and coupons):  $31.83

Total Paid:  $34.83

Gas points earned:  300 Points (a $9 value)

Net Cost:  $25.83


Order #3


Quaker $3 INSTANT Savings:

10 Boxes Granola Bars – I found $1/2 Peelies on 5 boxes – the only 5 there…  so of course I bought 10!!

$1.90 per box with $3 off, PLUS additional .50 each off with $1/2 q = $1.40/box!!


Baking Deal – $3 INSTANT Savings:

6 McCormick Spices – at 25% off; 2 Cinnamon for $1.87 and 4 Vanilla for $2.09 = GREAT prices!

Average price was $1.52 after $3 off, PLUS additional .50 each off with $1/2 q = $1.02 each!!



6 Stride Gum (K’s favorite!!) – Sale price didn’t ring up so they actually owe me $7.00!

2 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations (FREE)

2 Gallons Milk


Total before savings:  $63.17

Total savings (Tops discounts and coupons):  $35.41 (PLUS $7.00 owed)

Total Paid:  $28.57 – $7 owed = $21.57

Gas points earned:  200 Points (a $6 value)

Net Cost:  $15.57



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  1. Oh yea gorgeous, you done good, you done VERY GOOD!! ♥ Haven’t even tried to match up. Best I did was send hubby to store for Buffalo papers, LOL

    Now what did we tell you about the paper plates?
    Kids + chores = more relaxed Michelle!! ♥


  2. LOL – Those plates are just for ‘mergencies… LOL Thank you my friend!!!!

    • Love my Michelle. Now, do I even attempt the peanut butter? I get chills thinking about it!! 😉 I do want cheese though. What with grilling soon coming upon us. Remind me to share with you the BEST EVER I mean OUTTA THIS WORLD ADDICTING bacon cheddar potato salad!! Blew every other tater salad out of the water Michelle, no I’m not joking!!!

  3. Love me some paper plates and PB!!!!!!! 😉
    Have not been to Tops yet, maybe tomorrow.

    • LOL – Lea Ann, I did well at Tops – finding razors and shave gel at RA was a whole other story!!!

      • Lea Ann, did you look for the skintimate shave gel? It is also included in the $25 get $10 and there was a $1/1 in Sundays inserts along with the $2/1 Ra in ad. Most people are going for the edge because of the b1g1 ip but the skintimates are $2.63 gold, so some overage plus count towards the $25.

      • I shopped yesterday at RA… got 4 razors and 4 gels… thats it… then I realized I was only $4 away from my next $10 up so I went to 2 other stores today and only thing they had was 1 hydro 5 for 12.49… with gold and qs it was only $1 something and I got the 2nd $10 up… but man I want more of those shve gels as a complete moneymaker!!!

  4. I just got in from Tops 😀 I discovered a hidden deal!!!

    First, I’ll just say that I didn’t have the best trip. Tops shut down the self check out registers because they didn’t have enough staff and that threw me all off. I had three trans planned out. 10 coupons paper clipped together all I had to do was set them on the belt according to my paper clipped bundle. Ya Right! Two set got stuck together and I ended up mixing up two orders :headslam: Anyway the good part….. I ended up with 8 philly cream cheese @ 2/$3 (Great Price IMO) on one order, used .40/2 dnd but she doubled them anyway. I when I checked my receipt I got 200 gas points for the Kraft gas deal. I know it was the philly because I didn’t buy anything else in the gas deal, I was planning on going back another day for that deal.

    The Johnsonville sausage is 2/$5 used .75/1 doubled, $1 a package great price. I am going to order more of these coupons, they have a long expiration date too. I think it was 5/?.

    It is school vacation week, well they have two weeks off actually. Plus two of my kids are sick (fevers, stomach virus) I want to get back a couple more times this week. I hope I can get there, there is so many deals on stuff we use. I am only at .50cents now.

    Great Job Michelle!

    • OMG – you are saying the cream cheese triggered the gas points?? OMG – I NEED cream cheese… I will check it on my lunch tomorrow… gotta see if I have qs – AWESOME!!!

      The johnsonville…. just regular sausage?? I had qs but they were for chicken sausage and my store didnt have…. I gotta revamp my remaining deals and give it a shot!! Thanks IDA!!!!!

      PS – I have 2/3 sickies too… finally went to dr today and only one warranted meds. but we all know the other one will within about 24 hours after being in the “sick house”… and how long before the 3rd child catches what her brothers’ are offering?!!! AGHHHHHHHH

      • Johnsonville Qs – other than a .75 from ALL YOU, alls I can find is $1.00 (1/6 SS, 2/10 SS, 3/10 SS) or the .75 on BREAKFAST Sausage (3/17 SS)… maybe thats what you meant??? Do tell – I love a good sausage stock up – !!!! (LOL)

        And the cream cheese – ?? – “$0.40/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, exp. 3/31/13 (A Season of Sweet Entertaining)” What is this booklet???

        Wow – I feel ignorant… I hereby BOW to the true queen!!!!! Share Ida SHARE – PLEASE!!!

      • I just double checked ebay looked up the Johnsonville sausage coupons to make sure I used the right coupons. They were the .75/1 breakfast sausage, they came in the 3/17 inserts. What I didn’t notice until I looked them up was that in fine print they say dnd. When you find your you will see the dnd isn’t up the top where it usually is, I totally didn’t see it.

        Yes the cream cheese works! I found the cream cheese coupons in a booklet back in Oct / Nov maybe. Jello, bakers choc, planters? peanut butter, Jello pudding and philly cream cheese were some of the coupons that I remember being in it.

      • So you were talking about breakfast sausage… okay – I thought I was nuts!! hahaha there is nothing better than getting a DND doubled – especially lately – LOL

        Even without Qs… i LOVE the Philly deal… 7 at 2/3 = $10.40 – $6 Gas Point Value = $4.40 for 7, ONLY $.63 EACH!!!!

  5. Yes I think that was the name of the booklet.

    I am kinda bummed now that that the johnsonville is a dnd, I really wanted to stock up on those.

  6. Ok Michelle, here we go. I’m going to post on my blog I’m thinking on Thursday, but for you?? ANYTHING!!
    I would definitely double this recipe, hell triple it… it’s freakin addicting, no I’m not joking!! I usually double Michelle.

    Bacon & cheddar Potato Salad
    2lbs red potatoes cut into 3/4″ cubes
    1 cup mayonnaise
    4 oz chedder cheese, shredded (good think the Kraft deal is going on :D)
    1/2 cup green onions, sliced
    1lb bacon, diced and cooked
    2 tbsp milk
    1 tspb apple cider vinegar
    1/2 tsp each salt & pepper

    Add the potatoes to your sauce pan with enough water to cover by an inch. Boil like you would for any potatoes till tender. Drain and let cool slightly. Do not rinse with water.

    Transfer the potatoes to a large bowl. Sprinkle with the salt & pepper. Add in the vinegar, milk and chopped onions. Toss to coat and let sit for about 15 minutes.

    Now we add in our mayonnaise, cheddar cheese & bacon. Mix well.

    Serve chilled or at room temperature.

    Michelle, seriously sweetheart… the easiest and best freakin potato salad I’VE EVER HAD!!!!

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