My Rite-aid MONEY MAKER!!

 DSCF1301Rite-aid Finds  =  AWESOME!!


I ran in to get the FREE Scunci elastics and work the Schick Deal – I had UPS expiring today so,

at this point, my only goal was to roll the UPS! 


I got the Scunci @ $1.99 – $1.99 UP = FREE


Here is what I found for the Schick deal –

3 Men’s Hydro5 Disposable 3 count – $10.99    ($8.79 with GOLD discount)

1 Men’s Hydro5  – 1 ct.- $11.49    ($9.19 with GOLD discount)

1 EDGE Shave Gel – $3.49    ($2.79 with GOLD discount)

3 Skintimate Shave Gel – $3.49    ($2.79 with GOLD discount)


Gels were the best deal, $1 Manufacture Q and $2 in-ad Q makes them a Money Maker…

Razors had $4 Manufacture Q and $4 in-ad Q that saved $8 on each one…


After Q’s, my Total for the Schick order was:  $2.72 AND I got a $10 UP!!! 


The best part is I am actually only $3.28 away from the second $10 UP…  I have the GOLD discount and get 20% off, so my total for razors and shaving gels was $46.72 (any 1 razor or 2 more gels would have put me at the second $25 mark but I was not paying any attention – I wanted to roll my UPS and this store enforces the 4 coupons per item rule so I naturally just went for 4 of each… no biggie, it accumulates and I will get more tomorrow and add on to my deal ~ making it even more of a MONEY MAKER!!


Are you hitting Rite-Aid this week??  Do tell ~ Let’s Chat!!





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  1. Sweeet Deal!!! I’ll have to looksee if I can locate any of those mfg coupons.. I only get Red Plum coupons these days and not each week in its week..
    I do love seeing awesome deals like this though.. Glad you’re getting em!

    • Thanks Kim!! I popped back in on my way home and got another razor and 7 gels (3 mens and 4 womens)…spent less than $2 and got 2 more $10 UPS – whoooohooooo…. then I found a candy deal… trying to work it out right now… stay tuned!!!

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