Monday Matchups… See what Deals I got!

Just a few match-ups for you today…  I am soooo lucky to generally get a really great surplus of coupons each week (Rule #1 – you MUST get a coupon source), but they usually don’t arrive until Tuesday or so and this week I NEED that P&G to get the Drug Store Deals I want and posted about HERE…  but Monday is the easiest night to shop, so I went ahead and checked things out anyhow. 

 Picture 058

At CVS, I got the “magic coupon” for the FREE Clear, scored FREE Rescue (Got the SLEEP and the STRESS) and grabbed an $.89 Schick Hydro 5…. and then since I was there, I did the same exact deal for my MOM – Hey, I gotta pay for babysitting somehow!!

 Picture 059

Then I ran over to RA since I heard about a few awesome deals from my friend Amanda at Mom’s Coupon Affair and I wanted to see if my store carried the HOT items… no such luck, but since I had one of my Schick $10 UPS expiring soon, I elected to grab some of the Poland Spring waters for $2.99 ($3.99 – $1 UP, limit 2) and we are big fans of these individual packs of snacks and at $2.00 for 8 packs, I hit my BUY PRICE of .25 per snack!


I have been studying the TOPS ad and deals and other than cheap chicken ($1.99/lb.) and FREE salad I am not even planning on shopping this week.  The gas points are very disappointing to me but I do need to check the price on the Lysol Toilet Cleaner since it is part of the BONUS gas point deal and is B1G1 FREE…  BUT, FYI, the same Lysol is 2/$5 at RA and is part of the MONTHLY special Buy $15, Get $5 UP.  So, which is the best deal….  ANYONE??? 

Tomorrow – Tasty Tuesday… and the BEST Ham I ever made!!!!


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