My TOPS deals today ~ $169.74 for only $21.59!!

Picture 039I went to TOPS today, did 3 orders so I could use the $5/$35 coupon…  


I got $169.74 worth for $ 21.59!!


Out of Pocket was $ 60.59, but I earned 1300 Gas Points valued at $39!

  • ·        Remember – I already hit $4.00 off on gas and filled up once this session… and now I am back up to $3.20 off… BAZINGA – I rock!!!


CLICK HERE for the complete TOPS match-ups ~


Here are the deals I did today:


4 Cheerios = $6.00

Use (4) $0.60/1 printable coupons / DOUBLED = save $4.80

Pay $1.20 for ALL 4 or only $0.30 each…

Picture 041


Buy 6 Cookie Dough @ $3 = $18
Use (6) $.50/1 coupon DOUBLED from the 3/17 SmartSource insert
Pay: $12.00 (I split the cookie and Edy’s bars deals so I could double all the coupons)
Get 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6

= $6.00 or only $1.00 each after coupons and gas points!

Picture 044


Buy 6 Edy’s Outshine Bars @$3 = $18
Use (6) $1.00/1 coupon from the 3/17 SmartSource insert
Pay: $12.00
Get 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6

= $6.00 or only $1.00 each after coupons and gas points!

Picture 042

Gotta STOCK UP on Peanut Butter – Buy 6 Peter Pan = $12

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6.00

= $6.00 or only $1.00 each after BONUS Gas Points !

Picture 045

Gotta STOCK UP on Popcorn  – Buy 6 Popcorn = $15

-(3) $1/2 Qs = SAVE $3 = $12

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6.00

= $6.00 or only $1.00 each after Q’s and BONUS Gas Points !

Picture 043

6 Marie Callender’s Mini Creme Pies @ $2.00 = $12.00

-(6) $1 Peelie Qs (found on the product) = SAVE $6 = $6

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6.00

= FREE!!  (Of course there were ONLY 6 at my store – and 2 of them were Key Lime – BLECH… but FREE is FREE!!) 

Picture 040

Plus, I had to grab some regular things and got 2 gallons of milk, 3 creamers, a loaf of bread, and 2 Purex Laundry Soaps – Then I spied Mission Tortilla Shells marked $1.99 and they had $1 Peelies on them and the Taco Seasoning was $1 with a $1/2 coupon pad right on the shelf so I grabbed 4 of each!!


3 Orders –

Total Before Savings:   $169.74

Total Savings (Bonus Card and Coupons):   $106.75 ($45.05 was coupon $)

Total:   $60.59

Gas Points Earned:  1300 Points Valued at $39

Net:  $169.74 for $21.59!!!


Don’t forget to check the awesome deals at Rite-aid HERE and CVS HERE


Did you shop??  What did you get??




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  1. dishinwithdidi

    Very nice my “gas queen”! Wait, that didn’t sound too good!! 😉

    Awesome job Michelle!! I will be buying the peanut butter, 12 of them. Trying to decide what else to buy to make it to the $35 for tomorrow. That’s it for Tops this week for me. I really need fabric softner, but the cheapest being on sale 2/$6 for Purex, ummm that doesn’t sound like a bargain at all 😦 Might have to hit the dollar stores to hold me over.

    “Holy tumble dryer batman”, where are all the deals??

  2. LOL Didi… I do not want to be known as “the gas queen”!! How about the yogurt deals? Those Edy’s Outshine bars are yummo – or the Edy’s Ice Cream at 3/$10… or the Garnier Deal… any one of those will get you there!!!

  3. Where did you find the $5.00 off $35.00 coupon? You are doing awesome!! I have so much to figure out still with this couponing….like how to print them bc my printer won’t lol! Tops in Batavia did not have the peelies on the Marie calender deserts 😦

  4. You rock it girl!!!! 🙂

  5. Leave it to me to miss something so obvious lol thanks!

  6. LOL Tammy – I swear, we should have a coupon club where we meet to go over the deals then shop together – LOL!!!!

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