Weekly Meal Plan


A serving of biscuits and gravy, accompanied b...

A serving of biscuits and gravy, accompanied by home fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where oh where did our weekend go – and how in the world did we get to Monday already??




SUNDAY:   What a beautiful day… we had to GRILL OUT!!  We did Chicken and Pork and Baked Potatoes and of course, a big garden salad.


MONDAY:   Scalloped Potatoes and Ham  – made ahead in the crockpot… easy and delicious!!


TUESDAY:   Chicken Roll-Ups (Will be featured on Tasty Tuesday) *Made enough extra chicken on Sunday to have the roll-ups

~ Baseball (?) / Boy Scout Meeting


WEDNESDAY:   Sausage and White Gravy on Biscuits or Toast (adding chopped hard boiled eggs)


THURSDAY:   Hot Dogs and Beans

~ Baseball  (?)/ Girl Scout Night


FRIDAY:   Pizza Night


SATURDAY:   Roast Beef / A nice big Roast in the Crock Pot, a great meal and lots of awesome leftover meat for quick meals next week.

~ Football/Cheer Sign-ups and Coaches Meeting


SUNDAY:  Sauce, I am making sauce!  It will be a Lasagna day – maybe try “Wonton Lasagna Cups” (?)

~ Tri-Town Clean Up Day

So – What are you planning on eating this week?    Let’s CHAT!!!!




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  1. Just found you today on the recommendation of my friend, Didi. Your deals for gas points are fantastic! I have spent lots of time reading your other posts also. Thanks for sharing all.

    • Hi Precious… Thank you for visiting and reading – and most certainly for commenting!! I have been a long time fan of your blog and know you know the “deals”… so I appreciate the kind words!! Feel free to jump in any time!!

  2. Thanks for your kindness. I will jump in! Thanks.

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