What’s Up Wednesday ~ Drug Testing High School Students


Nightline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WOW – controversial issues… oh,  how I love thee!! 

The other night I was watching NIGHTLINE (smarty pants I know!) and there was a story creating a lot of HOOPLA over drug testing for high school students… mandatory testing to join any sport or club and random testing from there…

Some of the parents were flipping out… and others (spoken for by school administration) were adamantly for the process. 

Knowing my own opinion, I did the one thing I always do…  Took the question to Facebook, asked for opinions and received this barrage of comments almost immediately…  WOW again, people are truly passionate about their beliefs sometimes!  Here is what STARTED the comments – and shockingly to me people are disagreeing : 

    1. Nope! I would rather see them test welfare recipients.


    1. Maybe if more PARENTS randomly drug tested their kids it wouldn’t fall to the school administrators to protect our kids from their own faulty judgment. The average parent today of a high school student can’t name a single teacher their kid has had for the last 8 months.. Let alone what their child is doing during after school hours. Man up moms and dads. Get involved in your kids’ lives!! Maybe THEN the question of whether or not school officials should drug test randomly won’t be such an issue.


    1. Teenagers can be really messed up (I know. I was.), but that shouldn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in healthy activities with normal kids in school. In fact, sports can be the only thing saving a teen from going completely off the deep end and into a life of possibly expulsion and maybe even homelessness (runaways). I honestly think sports can save a teenagers life, or at least give them a chance at a well rounded better adjusted future in society. Lots of teens experiment with drugs. I don’t encourage it or condone it, but I also know that there was ABSOLUTELY nothing anybody could do to stop me when I did. Drug testing never would’ve stopped me either. I just would’ve skipped soccer and swimming and went right to the partying.


    1. At some point when is the school more of a parent then the parent? I’ll raise my kids they need to help educate them.


    1. hell to the NO!!!! Now, talk to me about random drug testing for staff at schools! Or DWI searches prior to hiring new bus drivers!


    1. Damn straight! The parents being the parent argument isn’t going to cut it anymore I’m afraid. For every good parent there are 10 idiots who cant raise chickens let alone kids! As a parent I would view this as just another tool to help me be aware of what my children may or may not be doing! I don’t care how good of a parent you are you cant be with your children every minute and if god forbid they hit a tough patch in life or made a bad decision this may help you catch it and nip underlying problems in the bud. As far as this goes if they are going to continue to make drugs illegal why don’t they make us ALL subject to random drug testing?


    1. As for parents who always want to blame teachers and the schools for the way things are going these days perhaps you should look at your own child first! We as Americans have to change how we are doing things. You nor your children are special and Stop worrying over every little thing. Why wouldn’t you embrace something that will help you PROTECT your child? If we were doing such a great job as parents in general this country wouldn’t be as screwed up as it is. This isn’t a condemnation of all parents either so please don’t anyone take it as a personal attack its a broader projection. I have faith in myself, my wife and our families to raise good kids and people so I say test away! I have confidence my kids are headed in the right direction and for some reason if they weren’t I want to know about it.


    1. I think teachers should be tested also they drug test you to work at Darien lake but not the people taking care of our children all day.


    1. Bus drivers get prehire drug and alcohol tests , random drug and alcohol tests AND criminal background checks! And they “just drive your kids to school”!… drug test everyone!


    1. You people realize this is a free country, right? We make choices & need to live with them whether you are 11 or 71. The government needs to be less involved with our lives. I am pretty sure those were the principles this country was found upon.

So my view??  The reason I even tuned into Nightline (rather than Duck Dynasty reruns) was because I could not even believe this was even an issue…  my initial thought was, “Why would any parent NOT want their child drug tested?”

SERIOUSLY – Drugs are illegal!  This is not an issue of your rights… if you want to be protected by what your “rights” cover, then you need to follow the “laws” created to ensure those rights for you!  Nothing encompasses a one size fits all venue… take this issue solely on its own merit…  Kid’s doing drugs – what can we do to stop it???  The only way to fix problems is one step at a time…

We live in a whole different AGE now and DRUGS are rampant in our society!  We are not talking about the 16 year old trying a little pot in their friends basement during a sleep over… we are talking about 11 and 12 year olds shooting heroine!!! 

It takes a village to raise these children and frankly I am scared the Village Idiot is in control….  I had these children and I took the “hypocrytic – oath” ~ you know the one… the one where “I am the parent, you are the child, NO I never did any of those things and NO you won’t either!”

Actions must have consequences; consequences must be severe enough to warrant NOT doing the action… kid’s need to learn this UPFRONT!!

Drugs are illegal… Everyone should be tested!  AND this includes children!  If I catch my kids doing drugs (or anything illegal), I am going to beat their asses… if your kid is with my kid, I am going to beat their ass too!!!!!

Now what….??  Lay it on…  I want to know – but BE NICE – I am delicate and fragile!!!! 


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  1. My question is why would it be limited to sports teams? Why not test all students and teachers? I didn’t watch nightline, what do they do to help the student who test positive? Aside from kick them off the sports team.

    I asked my 16yr old daughter, if she thought it would help keep kids away from drugs if they had random drug testing of sports teams. She thought it would. They have a rule in place now that if they are seen or if they brag about it or if they are in a situation where others are doing drugs or drinking they will get kicked off the team.

    I personally think that it would only help detour the kids who have been participating in sports from a young age. Although it would keep the drugging kids away from my kids. I just wonder what the out come would be for the students who test positive.

  2. The reason you only test athletes is because it means you are consenting to the test by joining the sport which is a privilege. If you test everyone then it does become about rights and legality. Teachers should be tested randomly just like Doctors, Police, Fire and allot of other people who are needed to be at their best!
    Michelle sensitive and delicate??? Now that’s funny!!

  3. Yep.. Im all for it.. It will keep some kids clean and others it wont.. Im with you.. if my kids were doing drugs, I’d have beat their butts.. their friends would have gotten a good chew too.. and not be allowed to hang out with mine on my watch.
    Im not a goody two shoes & I was an occasional pot smoker in high school some 35 years ago… but if I haddent been allowed to do some things, I would have never touched it.. on the other hand, I wasnt allowed to smoke and be on the basketball team.. I snuck around and smoked, got caught, & got kicked off the team. Cest la vie! 😉

    • Oh I so get the point – or problem – with the child that does test positive…. I just was really thinking about trying to prevent it all together… I mean any of “us” that ever tried anything did it with other friends… so if no other friends “bring it” around maybe that will prevent it from happening…. CRAZY thoughts but hey – we have to do something… anything!!!!!!!

  4. delicate and fragile?

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