Finally Friday ~ Check it out…

733818_10152650175485004_204594445_nFinally Friday, the week in review…  and all the highlights, you still have time to do!


This week’s “talking” ~ In review:

Tops Deals:  $169 Goods for $21 – BAZINGA!!

Rite-aid Deals:  $131 FREE and they paid me $16!!

CVS Deals:  $32 worth for less than $5!!

Weekly Menu:   Good Eats

Best Recipe:  Chicken Roll-Ups

What’s Up Wednesday:  Drug Testing School Children


Next week ~ What to expect:

Coupons to expect this Sunday:  1 Smart Source and 1 Red Plum

CVS:  FREE razors and CHEAP Dawn!!  Stay tuned – Deals to come!!


Rite-aid:  OMG… Super awesome deals Next week, tons of money makers!! 

Check out these deals:  Rite-aid ~ week of 4/14/2013


TOPS:  Monopoly is BACK!!!  There are 2 GREAT Gas Point BONUS Deals!!  We’re talking chips and dip and pop to boot… snack attack = whoohoo, stay tuned… TOPS matchups soon to come!!  My good friend Christina is working up the deals for us already!!  Click HERE: WNY Deals and To-dos


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Hey, leave me a comment… PLEASE…

Tell me something about your week… or your coming weekend… 

or a deal you are looking forward to…

Let’s chat!!



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  1. Since I found your blog, I can’t wait to see your gasoline deals for this week. That is one area that I would like to do better in. I needed peanut butter so did the one you posted and earned the 200 extra points. Thanks so much. You are awesome helping so many of us save money.

  2. Hi! I came over from Precious’ blog and just saying hello and having a look around!

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