Sunday Funday ~ The FIRST Gas Point Deal Trip and $.48 2-liters!!

 Picture 076

I have been rocking and rolling all day (fireman’s breakfast, baseball practice, Scout ceremony) and barely had time to function but I still managed to hit Tops for a few deals today…  How about you?

Picture 080

My highlight was scoring the use of this awesome BRIDGE for my Girl Scouts’ Bridging Ceremony coming up in May!  Thank you, thank you McCarthys for being talented, hard working friends – and  for the YUMMY sauce too!!!  *Don’t mind the disastrous garage – LOL!!

Picture 078

So – I wanted the BONUS Gas Point Deals on the Bison Dip and the Pop… my store was already out of Bison Dip but I grabbed 10 of the “10” 2 liters and earned 400 BONUS Gas Points… 

The “10” Pops Deal looks like this:

Buy 5 pops @ $1.67 each = $8.34

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points, Valued at $6

= $2.34 for all 5 or only $.48 for each!!   

Picture 077

I also liked the looks of the large pork loins for only $1.99/lb  – for less than $17, this one will make 3 really nice meals (roast, pulled pork  and chops) with leftovers!  Anyone else buy these loins?  What do you make??

Finally – more soft shell tortilla’s, still marked $1.99 with a $1 peelie right on them, apples for the kiddos and Oreo’s while they are on sale for $2.50…  Also grabbed 3 papers so I could have 3 of the Lysol coupons to use over at Rite-aid. 

A quick 10 minute shopping stop, no coupon craziness (YET), I spent $52 but still earned over 500 Gas Points (valued at $15 in FREE gas)… see, ANYONE can do this!!

Click HERE to review the BONUS Gas Point Deals for this week ~

Picture 079

I then ran into Rite-aid for the Lysol deals I posted about HERE, but they did not have enough… so I was looking around and found a 75% tag on these Glad Garbage Bags…  78 CT. for $2.58!!  You better believe I grabbed all 3 on the shelf!

Picture 081

Then I came home to this… LOL – I guess he had a LONG day too!!  Look how that kid sleeps – hahaha

What are your shopping plans this week?  Tomorrow is Rite-aid and CVS… Stay tuned!!


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  1. Thanks Michelle. I may break down and get some soda for DH for the summer if they have diet. I need free gas. I buy those pork loins frequently. Usually Save a Lot has them at this price and they have been Smithfields. If I had room in the freezer I would buy one today, but I don’t. With only 2 of us, I divide them into 4 pieces. I roast a couple. Use one for pulled pork and largely dice up the other one for stir fries or other casseroles.

  2. LOL – with 5 of us and since the children apparently aren’t going to STOP growing (or eating) I may have to decrease my cut to only 2 on the pork loin… I went from 4 meals to 3 and now there isn’t any left over – Good thing its a great deal – right??!!

  3. LOL! Those pesky kids just eat too much. I remember when I had two growing boys. I had to put a red dot on anything in the fridge that I didn’t want them to touch after school. Otherwise they would eat my dinner for a snack.

  4. The 1st RA the glad bags were only 25% off, I priced checked them to be sure. 😦 I stopped at 2 more and nada.

    • Too bad Lea Ann… that was a killer deal!! I also saw the TP deal floating around too and stopped to price check… Took one of the four on the shelf to register to price check and as i turned to go get the other three, the lady in line behind me had them in her cart…. aghhhhhhhh Never leave the goods on the shelf – aghhhhhh!!!!!!

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