Tasty Tuesday ~ or not… The Maple Edition



A taste of sweet sunshine!

A taste of sweet sunshine! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I generally have an Easy and Delicious Dish for you here on this Tasty Tuesday feature, but – uhmmmm – today I don’t…  Un-prepared I am…  because, uhmmm, I am!!  This is the reasoning my children give… and they must have learned it somewhere – right??!!

Anyhow, in attempting to get it together, I continually peruse the gigantic inter-webs… research I tell ya – in search of fabulous (ly) easy and delicious recipes I can make myself.  I also “subscribe” to numerous blogs…   One of the Blogs I follow:  “A Beautiful Bite” posted a Maple-Walnut-Sandwich-Cookie today that had me swooning at the thought…  as all things Maple are my favorite!  Just sharing because it sounded so good!!

BUT – As I was reading and reviewing that recipe, I recalled how another favorite Blog I follow; “The Pioneer Woman” actually made me a follower when she posted her famous Cinnamon Rolls… the icing is Maple and Coffee… OH MY GAWDNESS!!

These quite un-pure maple fantasies sent me on a search for something Maple-y I can make ASAP… like this evening… you know, after Scouts and Cheese Order Pickup and Baseball practice x 2 and laundry x 108 and dog hair sweep-up x 9 million…

I found it via google…gotta love the google!!

I present: “Fit, Fun and Delish”… oh my, the recipes… STOP on Maple Scones with Maple Glaze!  That’s it, that’s the one… she discovered them in Paris…OMG…  I too should discover something in Paris…  it must be fate – making them as soon as possible…  BECAUSE:   “J’aime Maple”  (Mrs. Dayton – high school french – would be so proud)!!

So there you have it… a little peak at my Maple obsession, or food obsession, or time wasting obsession… whichever!  Are you a “LOVER” of the Maple?? 

What is your favorite food using Maple?  Do tell – let’s Chat!!







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