Finally Friday ~ Still time to do these deals….

Just a reminder about the deals you still have time to do… THIS WEEK!

Picture 069

This weeks Rite-aid Deals and the 2 awesome MONEY MAKERS I scored!!

Picture 070

This weeks CVS Deals and how I got $58 and they paid me $7!!

Picture 071

Tops Bonus Gas Point Deals and how I got $118 of stock up for $5 – YES $5!!!

Picture 072

AND – OMG, I fell in love with Kmart again cuz of $1.99 toilet paper and paper towels!!

Stay tuned for all of next weeks’ deals…  and PLEASE tell me what your favorite deal was this week!!



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Posted on April 26, 2013, in CVS, Deals, Rite-Aid, TOPS. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. The Top’s gas deals were what I loved this week. The ones for next week are awful.

  2. Hi Michelle. I went to Kmart yesterday and found no Cottonelle and the shelves were empty. I was really excited for it but could not get any. They only had the Viva PT. I had the coupon for the always but could not find it for that price so didn’t wanna do the deal. However, I saw lots and lots of clothes on clearance and got clothes for my family and used the Kmart coupon on that. Wasn’t too excited for my finds but when I got home and my kids saw their clothes they were sooo happy. It totally made my day. I guess they are set for this years winter 🙂

  3. Sorry you missed the Cottonelle Sasha… but so glad you got some great deals… I too found a few items that I failed “to declare”… LOL

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