FREE gas from Tops ~ 3X this cycle!!

4 30Even though I haven’t been too excited by the deals this week, I have been couponing!!  Today (4/30) was my 3rd FREE fill up this bonus gas point cycle!  So braggidy brag… check it out:

4 16

Here was my 2nd FREE fill from 4/16 ~

3 29

And my first FREE fill from 3/29 ~

That is 90 gallons, at an average of $3.85/gallon = $346.50 in FREE gas in just over one month!!

Still too busy to coupon??


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Stepford wife and mother? Not hardly...

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  1. Nice job, Michelle!

  2. All because I “met” you Ann…. my hero, here on my little ole’ blog!!! O…M…G….!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  3. Very impressive!

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