My Rite-aid trip ~ More than $60 worth FREE and a $3.86 MONEY MAKER!!!!!!!!!!

034I loved my trip to RA…  I knew I wanted to do the Sally Hansen Polish deal and I had the coupons to prove it!!  LOL


I bought:

10 Sally Hansen Nail Polish @ B1 G1 50% off = $5.99 and $2.99 = $44.90

-(10) $4 coupons = Save $40

Get $10 UP reward for buying $30 Nail products

= $4.90, Get $10!!  ($5.10 Money maker!!)


Then I wanted to check the baby products and get some prices… I spied:

Nursery Water for $1.43/gallon –

Bought 2 = $2.86

Got $3 UP reward!! ($.14 Money Maker!!)


AND I also found Gerber First Foods, Applesauce for $1.19 and it had a RA $.50 off peelie on it –

Bought 2 = $1.38

Got $3 UP reward!! ($1.62 Money Maker!!)


Then the old stand bys (kinda go hand in hand don’t you think?!!):

2, Stayfree Maxis 14-24ct.. – 2/$6 (must buy 2)

– (2)$1/1 Stayfree 05/05/2013 SS Insert (exp 07/31/2013)

Get Back $3 UP+ wyb 2 (limit 2)

= $1.00, $.50 each wyb 2


2, Skinny Cow Chocolate 6pk. – 2/$5 (must buy 2)

-(2) $1/1 Skinny Cow, multipack, 4.65 – 6 oz  (04/28/2013 SS)  

Get $1 UP+ wyb 2 (limit 4)

= $2.00,  $1 each wyb 2


Overall:  $61+ worth of sale priced goods that I got FREE and I still profited $3.86!!



I didn’t get to check the Conair Deal yet… Maybe tomorrow – anyone get it?  Here is the deal: 

*Conair Deal, Get $15 UP wyb $30 [Limit 2]…

Use the $10 vv for the “Conair Infiniti You Style” hair curler/straightener… $ 35ish?? 

 It’ll be about $35 – $10 vv – $15 up  = $10.00!!   AGH – It was $59.99



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  1. Where is the nailpolish coupon?

  2. You didn’t do the A&H detergent? Girl that is a wicked MM…
    What am I going to do with you? What I say???

    • Didi – I saw you post to Ann’s that the A&H is a MoneyMaker but I must be dense… I don’t get it… please explain the moneymaker!!!! I love me some MONEYMAKERS!!!!

      • Well if you have coupons $1/1 you can use 3 of them, pay $17.97 and get $10 back which makes the detergent $1.32 each. If you have UPS to roll (which I did on Sunday), then I paid $2.97 and got $10 back. I don’t know, I figure anytime I pay less than what I get back it’s a MM to me. I know… I know… I’m weird.

        If nothing else, it’s still cheap detergent, no?

      • LOL – My UPS are CASH… but YES – still a GREAT deal!!!!!! LOL Even the day of $1 detergent is long gone so anything less than $2 seems to be a good deal… but I did catch purex for a $1 not to long ago and bought 20!! So – I am good for now… till the minions steal it all – like my coffee… How in the heck can I be out of coffee????? I had about 6 more big Maxwell House – and they are GONE…. UGH!!! The “store” is going to have to close!!! LOL

      • Hahahahaa, Michelle!! I’m having coffee issues as well. These past couple of weeks I’ve been buying the Aldis’ donut store style coffee for $3.99 a package. I’ve been waiting for a good deal on coffee and can’t seem to find anything cheaper than $4.49-$4.99. The coffee is very good. I cannot do Maxwell house or Folgers. Gevalia is my preferred, then Dunkin Donuts, Tim Horten’s… you know, the good stuff. Maxwell house? Gawd… GAG!! 😉

        So Aldi’s it is till I find a good deal again and stock. Gone are the day’s when I could pick up coffee for under $3. 😦

  3. Oh, and I share with noone anymore!! I give to my kids, ALWAYS, my mom and stepdad. 1x a yr, (Christmas), I give my inlaws a huge (I mean huge) basket with HBA’s to last them ast least for 6 months. That’s it my friend. Times are tight, deals are pathetic and stores cross examine everything…

    I have to provide for my own. Do I sound very selfish? I really am a giving person, no really… so I hope I don’t. 😦

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