Monday Menu ~ Meal Plan

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Photo credit: Merelymel13)


Hot Beef Sandwiches – Beef was shredded and frozen from last week’s huge roast.  I will throw it in the crockpot with a jar of beef gravy.  Served with “Heat and Serve Veggies”.  And we have tons of left over desserts from Mother’s day;  Banana Cream Pie, Double Brownies, Birthday Cake and Cupcakes… although cupcakes with Bubble Gum frosting will DIFINATELY be avoided by Moi…  LOL 

To-do:   Baseball and Softball Practice (If it’s NOT snowing…OMG)



Picnic Style at the Ball Field;  We made lots of extra BBQ Chicken for our Mother’s Day Party so we’ll have cold chicken, carrots, fruit, peanuts and granola bars. 

To-do:   Baseball Game



Beans and Weenies… We made a huge batch of baked beans for our Mother’s Day Party, so will half hot dogs and throw all into a crock pot to heat up.  Some still put the hot dogs in buns (eat chili dog style) and some cut the hot dogs up more and eat right with the beans.  And of course there is also plenty of Macaroni Salad.

To-do:   Softball Practice (Girl’s Night)



Subs to Go…  Grab fresh rolls (Costanzas anyone??!!) a platter of meats, cheese, veggies and dressings is prepped ahead and everyone makes a sub to take with them and eat in the car with a bag of chips… “On-the Go” at it’s finest!

To-do:  2 Baseball Games in 2 separate Counties…  AGHHHH!!



Dinner Ceremony;  Pulled Pork Sandwiches  and a pot luck bonanza!

To-Do:  Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony/Camp out



Kids to Nana’s!  Pizza it is…

To-Do:   Baseball (of course) and K’s Uncle’s 80th Birthday party (FUN with Family)



Making “Sauce”…  we need a big batch to use (Goulash Dinner) and to freeze for future meals!

To-Do:  Camper preparation for next weekend… whoohooo!!!  Gotta plan the meals for the week… crazy 7 games in 4 days and all the meals for our camping trip and the shopping…  nothing to do but busier than usual, story of my life!!


So – What are you eating this week?  Big Plans for the week?? 

Do tell!!




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  1. dishinwithdidi

    I got exhausted reading your daily activities… YIKES girl, how do you do it? 😀

    Your menu sounds awesome!!

  2. LOL – Day by Day… that’s how we roll… me and my massive calendar!!

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