My Tops shopping so far…. $289 for only $14!!!!

559490_10201292041448892_680183929_nWell… I rocked the deals at TOPS… I did 4 orders, I spent $89 on $289 worth of groceries and then I earned $2.50 off per gallon ($75 value)… so my net cost was $14… $14 for $289 worth of groceries… I was LOVING it!!  

I still have many more gas point deals to do, from these deals (CLICK HERE) but figured I had to regroup and see where I stood…  So with my weekly budget of $75 for groceries and $60 for gas, I still have $46 I can spend this week… not to mention that I may reach the full tank of gas FREE which means I will get 2 weeks’ worth of gas so I can even add next week’s gas budget to score more of this week’s deals…  does that make sense??  It does in my head but not really when I read it…LOL

Okay – off to spend my birthday at TOPS – whoohoo!!!!!!!!




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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day. You did great on the groceries and gas. I sure would love to see a breakdown of what you purchased.

  2. Never mind on the breakdown. I see all the deals now. 🙂 I am debating on doing some of them.

    • Thank you – and I know – I wasn’t even going to share this trip but I am trying to just to keep track… I did multiple deals that were only good on Sunday (the Free TownHouse Crackers) and my store let me use “day old” coupons (all the .75 Quaker and the B1G1 SpeedStick) so my trip really wasn’t post-able…LOL… sorry about that!!! You can still do any of the deals listed on the TOPS page….

  3. Yeah. You were very lucky on the day old coupons. My Tops is the only family owned store in the chain and believe me when I tell you that they are very coupon unfriendly!

  4. I am having a blast this week, two days and I am at $3.70.

    Heads up;

    $1 Produce wyb 2 kraft dressings (found in produce section)
    $1/2 quaker peelies (found on life cereal today ex 6/30, they were not there yesterday)

    I also found a dd YaY!
    Oscar Mayer lunch meat CAT
    Buy 3 get $2
    Buy 4 get $3 or
    Buy 5 or more and get $4

    Oscar Mayer lunch meat is $4.49 B1G1 and part of the buy 7 get 200 pts. THE FREE ONES COUNT TOWARD TOTALS

    I purchased 6 OM Turkey, and 8 Kraft Dressing $3.49 B1G1 got 400pts ($12) and a $4 Cat!

    I am so excited about the kraft, I was down to my last bottle of zesty and with macaroni salad season upon us I was so thrilled to get a deal.

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