Monday Menu Meal Planning… and our Memorial Weekend


Photo of a 20-piece box of McDonald's Chicken ...

Photo of a 20-piece box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my; what a weekend!  Anyone else??  Can I get a “HAIL” YEAH!!!  We went camping at Yogi Bear’s JellyStone Park (Check it out here) and honestly – even outnumbered 4/1 by children and dogs – it was truly wonderful!!  Shall I even venture to say that I had as much fun this FREEZING weekend as I do at the annual wine festival camping weekend (check it out)… you’re right, let’s not get CRAZY!!  But seriously, the BOOBOO experience was A–OKAY (or we went with our wine tour crew and started the wine tour early…??  LOL)!! At one point I had 19 children in my vehicle and I took them on a hay ride BY MYSELF…  so YES, the wine was indeed required…and OF COURSE it was after I ditched the damn kids… I’m KIDDING – I had the wine all along…  LOL – why do people even begin to trust me with their children???!!

So, – back to reality after 4 days of drinking fun… and speaking of trusting me with large masses of children, tomorrow my fun shall continue as I chaperone the kindergarten field trip to the CITY (minus the wine this time – or so I have been warned… hmmm, someone needs to talk to the PTA about that)!!  You know I love my kindergarten friends – they make me feel so loved!!

Then of course it is another action packed baseball week so the meal plan is a little “last minute” but hey, this is our REAL life and this is how we get by… and if you are two “working all day” parents with three active kids that have to be driven everywhere and you have a better way, PLEASE share – some days I feel a true injustice is being served…. PLEASE, do tell!!!!!!

Anyhow, here is the week’s plan:

Tuesday – CK’s field trip to the BIG city (I am the honored chaperone = another day off from work, 5 total!!), 2 practices, 1 Game/Home

TOPS Fried Chicken, Veggies and Dip, and (leftover from Memorial Day) Fruit Salad

Wednesday – Travel Day at work, 1 Practice, 1 Game/Warsaw

Crazy Travel Night = Drive Thru Delight (McD’s here we come…  what do you think that B1G1 McNugget coupon is for??)!!

Thursday – 1 Practice, 1 Game/Sheldon

Packin’ Picnic; lunchmeat rollups, cheese-pepperoni and crackers, apples, bananas, granola bars

Friday – 1 Game/Sheldon

Pasta with Sauce (my frozen “speciality” sauce warmed in crock while we play baseball – LOL), Garlic Bread with Cheese

Saturday – 2 Games/Home, Pictures for all 3

Out for Pizza!!

Sunday – Nephew’s B-day

Cookout; Grilled chicken (breasts and legs with extra for the week), grilled kielbasa, French fries


Now to try to get some coupon/store/coupon matchups done…  Trying to find a few deals to roll store money on at CVS and Rite Aid… and to add to the Tops deals I started…  CLICK HERE for my Gas Point BONUS Plan!!  What else??  Deals you have in mind??  Do tell!!

  • Final Disclaimer – I swear to goodness I did not drink with the children in the car… I tease you so I can pretend I am funny!!



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  1. I have to laugh because twice as many people are clicking the wine fest link as the Jellystone one… hahaha… I know who my friends are!!!

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