Tops FREE this week….

Chex Mix

Chex Mix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After last week’s dollar doublers, I really do not need any grocerys but there are a few “too good to pass up” deals that I am heading out for….  Total Freebies I say…  gotta love it!!


Breakstone Cottage Cheese Doubles – $1.00

-$.55/1 (5/12 RP) DOUBLED = FREE


Salt – $1.09

-$.55/1 (5/19 SS) DOUBLED = FREE


Taster’s Choice – $1.00

-$.55/1 (5/19 SS) DOUBLED = FREE


Almay Concealer – 50% off = $3.99

-$4.00/1  (6/2 SS) = FREE (If you can find them….)


Chex Mix – $1.00 (- printables)


Fuze – $1.00 (– tear pad)

AWESOME – are you heading out for freebies??



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