Bad Blogger = Happy Camper!!

First let me apologize for being the worst blogger ever… summer comes, baseball gets going full force and the time just gets away from us!  Even though I am very lax about posting deals and my shopping adventures, rest assured – FREE was an awesome way to fill the motor home with gas for our camping week!


SO – If you would have told me 20 years ago that I would be camping at 2 different parks, in one week – with kids AND dogs… I would have laughed until I cried!  My idea of vacation was room service at a hotel!

Now – oh how I have changed my tune!

We started our week with our annual (14th year) WINE FESTIVAL trip… you know we are getting OLDER more seasoned since we have started going both days to the festival for shorter time frames… this year we did about noon til 4 then came back to camp and enjoyed our favorite water spot. 


THIS – this is the start of “the circle of trust”… we had 26 people this year!!

Eagle Cliff Falls

This is Eagle Cliff Falls, a beautiful waterfall up the hill from Montour Falls – Havana Glen camp ground – where we just spent our 10th year camping.  We always hike the hill with our cooler bags in tow and spend the remainder of the day sitting in the ‘pool’.  This year we created a show tune (meaning 80’s sitcoms) harmony group and I have to tell you – we were AMAZING!  LOL  – I apologize again to the other people enjoying the falls…. Even if they were mostly either Hillbillies or Heroin Addicts – seriously, we couldn’t tell which – OMG!!!

Johnnie and the SNAKE

At one point, some of the guys were playing horse shoes and my friend thought a stray horse shoe was laying by the fire pit so she bent over to pick it up and WHOLLEY Moses…. This critter had joined our party!  The screams could be heard through the town…. Which brought a whole slew of the toothless wonders I mentioned above… I shudder to think what they wanted with this guy… but they did have rags and a pot in their hands….  Never the less, Johnnie saved him and back to the creek he went….BLECH!!!!


We also enjoyed our fine dining portion of the camping trip… appetizers and snacks like you have never seen, corn in the cooler (worked awesome), 1.5 inch strip steaks, seafood boil containing crab legs galore…  we pull out the blenders and make crazy frozen cocktails – just an FYI, pineapple soaked in rum and watermelon soaked in vodka do make an awesome pina` colada!!  Between the cocktails flowing, the food we devoured and the water fall, it is a wonder we even make it to the actual festival each day!! 


So then it was home to GIVE OUR LIVERS A BREAK grab the kids and we headed to WOOD STREAM campgrounds in Gainesville.  Let me tell you…. If you need a “getaway”, this is your spot!  This campground has a beautiful stream running through it and we adapted “hillbilly camping” where we planted our lawn chairs right in the creek and paid the children to bring us whatever was needed…  LOL!!  The kids loved it… they could sit on tubes and ride the river all the way through the park!  The best thing, which truly scared me at first, was there was not any cell phone reception…. No calls, no texts, no facebook, NO CANDY CRUSH….  You know what?  It was heaven!!!!  We have truly become such technology addicts but man it was easy to adjust when it was taken away…  I could totally go for that again! 









In true fashion we continued our “eat like it’s your last meal” ventures…  we deep fried a turkey (and know that it takes A LOT of oil to do this (double the 2 gallons you think is enough) and if you don’t plan ahead effectively, you will be begging for a ride to a corner store and paying A LOT for multiple small quarts!!  But man was it worth it… that turkey was AMAZING!!!


Then because you never truly have enough camp snacks, we learned about “roasted pepperoni”… and when that isn’t quite enough, you try kabob steak with the pepperoni….  Oh my GAWD….AMAZING!!


So – yeah, as much as I never thought I would be a “camper”…. I gotta tell you, this IS the life for me!!

Alas – back to reality… there are 7218 loads of laundry to do and since I am working on that I might as well get the laptop rolling and check the deals for next week – gas point deals are back – AND seriously folks… Candy Crush is not going to play itself!!!


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  1. Hey gf! Our summers are way too short, enjoy! I need a lot of wine while playing Candy Crush! Level 147 is the new Level 65!
    The deals stink anyway. 😦

  2. Keep me posted on next years Wine Fest date! sounds like something we would like to do! (I like the 3 fire rings together – makes sense with that many people). We have gone to Woodstream for several years, the kids loved it when they were young. I’m surprised there was enough water in the stream to float – it hasn’t rained that much. One year we went & it had poured the entire week leading up to camping & by the time we got there it was almost SCARY deep (over adults waists), but it went down a little bit each day and the kids just had a blast the entire weekend, they still talk about it!

    • Hahaha MT, my “voluptuous self” bottomed out quite a bit, but the kids did good…hahaha We just loved it and said we should go today after that big rain!! I will send MANY reminders prior to next years festival – it really is our favorite trip!! Will be same weekend – 2nd weekend in July!

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