Tops BONUS Gas Point Deal ~ week of 8/18



Frito-Lay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey friends…. I know my posts have been very sporadic and hopefully, those of you with crazy lives probably understand!!  I am finally excited about the BONUS gas point deal this week (week of 8/18) because it is all items I buy regularly and many of the products are at my “BUY NOW” price so it is an excellent time to stock up!  I highlighted the “BUY NOW” items for you as this is the price I try to stock up at!!


Buy any 6 and get 200 BONUS gas points… 200 BONUS points are worth $6 in gas!!

*Therefore by buying 6 items, I credit each item with 1/6 of the savings = $1 savings each!

Frito Lay Variety Pack – $5.99 each

-$1 Peelies found on bags

-$1 Gas Value

= $3.99


Pop Secret Popcorn, 6 pack – 2/$6, $3 each

-$1 Gas Value

= $2.00


Nabisco Cookies – 4/$10, $2.50 each

$0.75/2 or $1/3 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Product, exp. 9/21/13 (SS 08/11/13)

$1/1 Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, exp. 12/31/13 (Make Their School Day Great Booklet)

-$1 Gas Value

= $.50


Snapple Tea, 64 oz. – 2/$4, $2 each

-$1 Gas Value

= $1.00


Hi-C Drink Boxes, 10 pack – 5/$10, $2 each

-$1 Gas Value

= $1.00


Gatorade, 8 pack – 2/$10, $5 each

-$1/2 hang tag found on packages

-$1 Gas Value

= $3.00


Tops Water, 32 pack – $3.99 each

-$1 Gas Value

= $2.99


Happy Shopping – I’ll post my deals as soon as I shop (probably Monday


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  1. Michelle, in west Rochester I also see they have a page of 50 extra gas points for different things,do you think this is worthwhile? Did you get this too? Thanks!

    • Well 50 points is worth $1.50 in FREE gas, and I think those bonuses were 50 extra points when you spend $10 on different things – right?? So I would say YES….well worth it if you are buying those items any way for sure!!! I can’t wait to shop this week!

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