Weekly Menu and Meal Plan ~ B-U-S-Y…..


DC101 Chili Cook-Off

DC101 Chili Cook-Off (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh boy… crazy busy week ahead but it ends with a great time with friends – even though APPARENTLY Homecoming is NOT ABOUT ME, but for my children now!  WHAT the heck, when did that happen?  I LOVE going to the parade and football game then on to some party with all my old friends – BUT now the evening starts that way but somehow ends with me taking and picking up kids to the annual dance….so;  I found a fun recipe for “hot caramel cider” that you can make in a crock and I shall have it ready for when all the running is done on Friday Night – so, it’s alllll  gooood!!! 


Lots of plans for today….  BONUS gas point deals start back up today, gotta start the “snack stash”!!  I still have more apples to finish turning into something, I have made a few batches of applesauce and still want some apple pie filling.  I am thankful for one more Turkey in the freezer to be made up prior to this year’s sales…  Roasting it TODAY for a fabulous Roast Turkey Dinner tonight  – after we get home from CRAZY practice, of course – and will have enough turkey left-overs to make all the chicken meals planned for this week (simply replacing the chicken with cubed turkey) – so smart and resourceful I am… LOL!!    BTW, can someone do our laundry?  I am needing blankets washed and winter loads started, BUT there just is NOT enough time and 1 load per day is just NOT cutting it!!!  I sincerely STILL believe I would make out like a bandit with 2 washer/dryers!  Anyhow, here’s the week:




Plans:  Football Practice (Including Photo night) and YEAH, K has OT all this week… 3 kids, 3 different spots all by 1’Work til 6 PM’ Mama – oy-vay, come on FRIDAY!!


Meal:  Chicken Pot Pie Puffs(click for link) – An easy prep.  that can be ready to pop in and cook for the 20 minutes it takes to get cleaned up from practice – etc.…




Plans:  Football / Cheer Practice (w/Photo night) and Scouts!


Meal:  Pizza Bake – ready to go, can be popped into the oven while everyone gets showered…




Plans:  Cheer Practice


Meal:  Chicken Salad Croissants




Plans:  Football Practice


Meal:  Baked Ham (I committed to one for a “Meal Train” – FYI, BEST idea ever for friends in need –  so I might as well make 2… great dinner, great sammies and left over diced ham in the freezer for next week or so… )  YUMMY!!! 




Plans:  Starting our FUN FILLED camping (probably last weekend of the year), chili cook-off weekend…. BRING IT ON – NO Football or CHEERLEADING this weekend – YEAH!!!!


Meal:  Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wraps, in a crock, ready to wrap and roll…  Stay tuned for best recipe thanks to my friend Jess!!




Plans:  Bottom in a chair, Drink in my hand, not a care in the world!!  Can’t wait!!


Meal:  CHILI-Cook off and FYI, I am just coming off a “rib-fest” win… I am just saying!!




Plans:  N/A… natta…. Nothing…. How sweet it is!!  Probably our last free weekend through Christmas!!!


Meal:  Grilled Steaks, Corn on the Cob and “Smashed” Potatoes – early dinner and early bed to start the new week right – aghhh, sure, sure – a girl can dream, right??!!!!!!



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  1. *Didi looking around the room*; “where’s my invite”?

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