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English: A picture depicting the pig who had r...

English: A picture depicting the pig who had roast beef in the nursey rhyme, “This little piggy” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lookie here – another post… who knew?!!  I am on fire with planning my deals and meals and figured I may as well blog about it so I hold myself accountable!

This week RA has some GREAT deals with the new GAME starting, see them HERE.

I also see that both Sav-a-lot (all week  – frozen) and Aldi (fresh on Thursday) have boneless, skinless chicken breast for only $1.49/lb… Certainly will have to check that out!

Tops advertises a great deal on Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage at B2G3 FREE, that will probably equate to less than $1.50 per ‘rope’. (They also show chicken for $1.99/lb if the others are a bust)

I have a few friends who do such an awesome job on the TOPS match-ups, Check them out:

•             Suzy Saver WNY

•             Tricia’s Frugal Finds

•             WNY Deals and To-Dos


With these deals in mind, I planned my WEEKLY MEALS:


MondayVegetable Beef Soup

I made some awesome Roast Beef for our Christmas Dinner and we have already had leftovers in sandwiches, so now I will use the rest to make a big ole’ pot of Vegetable Beef Soup (recipe HERE) which we’ll have with some fresh crusty rolls.  *As always I will make triple the amount of soup needed…  some for the freezer and some to thicken even further and make a shepherd’s pie later in the week


Tuesday:  Dinner OUT – Steak Roast

New Year’s Eve Dinner (and our 14th Wedding Anniversary)  – kids get pizza and snacks with Grandma and we go to an awesome  get together (30+ for dinner this year!!)where we have a  Steak Roast with all the yummy appetizers you can imagine, totally our favorite night out!!!  


Wednesday:  Baked Chicken and my Cowboy Caviar

New Year’s Day, nice lazy day – looking forward to the rest of the week off and doing some FUN projects around the house / Baked Chicken (will make a few extra breasts to make baked alfredo chicken later in the week) and my Cowboy Caviar (recipe HERE) – which is as close to the traditional black eyed peas as I get today.  Get ready with all those resolutions (re-reading mine HERE from last year and vowing to make it all occur again)!  How about you??


ThursdayShepard’s Pie

Taking the soup from earlier in the week and thickening it up to make the Shepard’s Pie (recipe to follow) – Super Yummy!


FridayChicken Alfredo

Using the chicken made earlier in the week to make a creamy baked Chicken Alfredo (recipe to follow) as my inspiration is a recipe I have been tweaking to our tastes for a while…


SaturdayStuffed Baked Peppers

Another “We’re still Celebrating” Christmas Party…  Cannot wait to see the friends I did not get to see enough of over the holidays!  There is always delicious food and I will make my friend Heidi’s Stuffed Baked Peppers for an awesome appetizer (recipe to follow)!  Lucky kids will have another sleep over with PIZZA of course…  LOL!


SundayTurkey Dinner

Of course I have 8 more 20 lb. turkeys in my freezer from the Thanksgiving sales and love having the leftover turkey (shredded and frozen) for all my week night chicken dishes.  I also have to “pay” my Momma back for 2 (maybe even 3) sleep over baby sittings this week… LOL… works for all of us!


Wow – feeling much better about another crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?  What are you eating this week??




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