Tasty Tuesday ~ Chicken Wing Pizza

Chicken Wing PizzaWe just had one awesome PIZZA – Chicken Wing Style!

For Christmas dinner, everyone in the house gets to pick what they want for a snacky-treat.  We cook and eat all day long – probably our favorite part of Christmas day.  At our house you have to come early and stay late to get some of ALL of the treats! 

This year a few favorite requests were sausage bread(HERE) and chicken wing dip… I have extra bread dough and some chicken wing dip left over, so we decided to try a chicken wing pizza…   OOOOMMMMMGGGGGG!!!  Such deliciousness – it is truly yumm-a-licious!!


Chicken Wing Pizza (a use for left- over chicken wing dip)

  • ·         Let a loaf of frozen dough thaw and rise, then stretch it into a greased (Pam spray and a little corn meal) deep cookie sheet.  You can use any dough you choose….


  • ·         Mix a ½ cup of alfredo (jarred sauce is fine – don’t hate) and a ½ cup of ranch dressing with a teaspoon of minced garlic and use that as sauce on the flattened dough (spread very thin).


  • ·         Spread about 2 cups of prepared chicken wing dip on the sauce then I cover it with about 2 cups of shredded cheese – I mixed cheddar and mozzarella.


  • ·         Bake at 375 for about 22 minutes….. YUU-UUM!!!!

My pics are HORRIBLE – but the PIZZA is delicious!!!













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  1. What a great idea, and I bet it was delicious!!

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