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TOPS ~ week of 2/2/2014, BEST DEALS!

Okay – In addition to the BONUS GAS POINT post I did (click HERE)

and my favorite deals at Rite Aid (click HERE)

I also highlighted a few STOCK UP worthy deals below…  FREE Lloyds Pork and Cottage Cheese…  and GREAT deals on Bacon, Oreos and Grands Biscuits! 

So get coupon clipping!!


Lloyds BBQ tubs -$1 each

-$ 1/1 printable or $1/1 from the 1/19 ss

=  FREE!!


Breakstone Cottage cheese doubles – $ 1.00 each

-$. 55/1 california seal product coupon from the 12/8 rp

= FREE!!


Smithfield Bacon – B2G3 FREE @ ??? (Guessing $6.99?? So $14 for all 5…)

-$1/2 coupon from the 12/8 ss (-$2)

= $12 (??) for all 5 or ONLY $2.40 each…. I think – HOPE!!  MMMMM BACON!!!!


Nabisco Oreos – $2.50

-$ 1/3 nabisco coupon from the 1/26 ss

My stores packs have $1 off wyb with MILK peelies!!  And of course we are getting MILK!!

= $1.50 a package! 


Cheerios –  4 for $ 8 (wyb 4)

-Printables or $1/2 from the 1/12 ss or the  1/5 ss

=4/$6 or only $1.50 each, better if you print the Qs


Grands Biscuits – BOGO @ $2.39

-$1/3 from the 11/17,12/8,12/15, or 1/26 ss

= 6 cans for about $5, or only $.83 each!  STOCK UP – and they do FREEZE well!!


Gortons Frozen Fish  – BOGO @ $ ??

-$1/2 from the 1/5 ss




BONUS gas point deal @ TOPS, week of 2/2/14



My Favorite Items on the BONUS Gas Pont Deals – Buy 6 items and earn 200 BONUS points!

*200 points valued at $6 in FREE gas – to equate, I credit each item with a $1 savings…


I hope to find some more coupons, but for now:  Kelloggs Printables @ Kelloggs Family Rewards and make sure you get this weekend’s paper/inserts!!  It is a pop-tart palooza for sure and even though I don’t 100% love the price on peanut butter, it is the best I have seen in a while, so I am buying!!


Kellogg’s Cereal – 4/$10 ($2.50)

-$1 CREDIT for buying as a BONUS Gas Point Deal

-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal, exp. 3/16/14 (RP 02/02/14)

= about $1.20 per box, wyb 3… GREAT Deal!!


Kellogg’s Pop Tarts –  5/$10 ($2.00)

-$1 CREDIT for buying as a BONUS Gas Point Deal

-$1/3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts or Mini Crisps, exp. 3/16/14 (RP 02/02/14)

= about $.67/box, wyb 3… STOCK UP NOW!!!!


Kellogg’s Fiber Plus or Nutri Grain Bars – 2/$5 ($2.50)

-$1 CREDIT for buying as a BONUS Gas Point Deal

= $1.50 per box


Folger’s SELECT coffee – $4.99

-$1 CREDIT for buying as a BONUS Gas Point Deal

-$1/1 Folgers Gourmet Selections, exp. 3/31/14 (RP 01/12/14)

=$2.99 each!


Eggo Waffles – 2/$5 ($2.50)

-$1 CREDIT for buying as a BONUS Gas Point Deal

= $1.50 per box


Jif or Jif To Go – 2/$5 ($2.50)

-$1 CREDIT for buying as a BONUS Gas Point Deal

= $1.50 per container or pack





Rite Aid ~ week of 2/2/14, BEST DEALS

Here are the hottest deals I am looking forward to at Rite Aid next week… 

Absolutely have to shop on Sunday to get the Purex for only $1 each but the FREEBIES can be had all week long on:  light bulbs, Garnier shampoo, and Reach flossers.   Toothpaste is only $.49 and packs of Stayfree are only $1

So 13 items, valued at over $42 can be had for only $7 ($4 is for 4 bottles of Purex)!!

Here are the Deals ~


GE CFL 1 pk or Halogen 2 pk Light Bulbs – $3.99

-$1 GE Energy Smart, Reveal CFL, Soft Light Item  – 1/5 SS

Buy one, get $2 +UP (limit 2)

= FREE!! 


Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 10-13 oz – $2.99

-$2  Garnier Fructis Shampoo Conditioner – RP Insert 01/12

AND -$1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Cond. Or Treatments Rite Aid  – January – Video Value



Reach Flossers 8 ct or 100 yd Floss – $2.99

Buy one, get $2 +UP (Limit 2)

= $.99  AND get $2 oyno wyb 2, $3 oyno wyb 3, or $4 oyno wyb 4 reach total care floss and/or reach access flosser (a February +up deal)  SO – Buy 2, Get the $2 OYNO



Colgate Optic White Dental Care – $3.49

-$1 Optic White – 2/2 Insert

Buy one, get $2 +UP! (limit 2)

= $.49 each


Carefree Pantiliners 36-60 ct or Stayfree Pads 14-24 ct – $3.00

Buy one, get $2 +UP! (Limit 2)

= $1 each


Purex Detergent 43.5-50 oz or Ultrapacks 16 ct – 2/$6.00

-$1 Purex Liquid Or Ultrapacks, No Size Restriction – 1/26 RP * EXPIRES 2/2, Sunday ONLY!!

Buy two, get $2 +Up (limit 2)

= $1 ea wyb 2



Game Day Snacks ~ 8 awesome appetizers


Looking ahead to this weekend, the big game, the commercial commentary; which I so freely and humorously provide to all my facebook friends!  (Are we facebook friends?  Send me a request – Michelle Morton Kelsey –  we’ll chat!) BUT most of all, THE SNACKS!

Our main course is going to be a Cheeseburger type dish – I often look to THESE, Cheeseburger Quesadillas (Click HERE) but recently found these LOVELY looking BACON CHEESEBURGER EGG ROLLS (Click HERE) and I gotta say – I am going to give them a go this weekend!  I LOVE finding new recipes online and making them my own.


Additionally, everyone picks their favorite snack and we just have a party fest of our own!


K’s Pick ~ We have to have Jeni’s Cheesey Taco Dip:  THIS Hot, Cheesey, Taco Dip (Click HERE) was a huge hit and one of my most viewed recipes!

Joshua’s Pick ~ Can’t go wrong with SAUSAGE BREAD (Click HERE)

Lu’s Pick ~ She always goes for something with Chicken Wing Dip and has chosen, Chicken Wing Pizza (Click HERE)

CK’s Pick ~ My little man love’s the ‘BEAN DIP”, otherwise known as the Delicious Cowboy Caviar (Click HERE)

  •          I just noticed how I refer to my kids…  the oldest = full name, the middle child = nickname, and the baby… he just gets initials…  hahaha!   That third kid, he sure has it rough!!

My Parents are coming over and my Mom has requested more MEATBALLS (click HERE) – I totally know she just wants to take them home for another meal, but hey~ as in our house, “What the Mama wants, the Mama gets” – and I just so happen to have MANY in my freezer!!

Me – my pick….  ALWAYS the Deep Fried Pickles (Click HERE) that I just shared this week.  And because we are frying, what with the cheeseburger egg rolls above and these pickles, we will most likely make a full-fledged “Hodge Podge” and batter and fry some cheese sticks and chicken chunks as well some mushrooms and broccoli.  That makes it all a little healthier – right??!!!  Time pending, I plan on trying to BAKE all these options as well, to see if we can go with the ‘lighter’ version….  Anyone have tips on baking “things you love to eat fried”?


AND Taco Dip (Click HERE)… we never get away without the Taco Dip (Click HERE)….!!


So – how about you?  What are your GAME DAY plans??

More importantly, what are you having to eat??

Tasty Tuesday ~ BEST EVER Deep Fried Pickles

fried pickles

If there ever were a most perfect ‘snacky-treat’ it would most assuredly be these little, crispy bites of heaven on earth… There is beer and batter and panko and ‘frying – ness’ all going on here… what could be better?!!  The combination of flavors is beyond explanation and these fried pickles have become a favorite amongst our camping crew…  but it’s winter and ma familia won’t wait til the summer love reappears so we fry them up in the garage!  I had to share these now so you to could make them for the big game – just like we will!! 

Deep Fried Pickles


  •          PICKLES: dill chips or spears…any dill will do!
  •          1 can of beer (any  can is good)
  •          1 and 1/2 c. flour – divided, you’ll mix and add more – if needed – until you have pancake consistency batter
  •          1/2 tsp. onion powder
  •          1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  •          1 tsp. each – Seasoned Salt and Pepper
  •          1 c. Panko – separate shallow bowl
  •          Oil – about 2 cups
  •          Ranch Dressing for Dipping


Heat oil in a deep-fryer or large saucepan to about 375 degrees F .

Drain pickles and pat dry with a paper towel

Whisk together the beer, 1 and 1/2 cups flour, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and seasoned salt in a large bowl.   I like a good pancake consistency.

Dip the pickle slices into the beer batter, then coat them in the panko crumbs in the separate shallow bowl.

Fry the pickles in the preheated oil until golden and crisp, flipping as they brown at about 2.5-3 minutes – probably about 5 minutes total.

Serve with ranch dressing for dipping and be prepared for the addiction you have now created!!

*BONUS – there is plenty of batter left to try deep frying some cheese, veggies or chicken chunks… make your own ”Hodge Podge”!  Just remember, YOU created these monsters who will now beg you daily to recreate these amazing treats!!

Rite Aid ~ week of 1/27, BEST deals!


I am planning a Rite Aid trip that offers  8 better than FREEBIES and Pizza for $2 each!! 

Grab your q’s from this weekend and print a few Video Values and get to Rite Aid ~



Buy $15 of Unilever and get $5 UP+ Rewards!

1 Tresemme product = $4

– $2 Q (Sunday’s insert?)

– $1 VV (January)

= $1


AND 1 Tresemme Premium product = $5

– $2 Q (Sunday’s insert?)

– $2 VV (January)

= $1


AND 1 Clear product = $5

– $2.50 (Sunday’s insert?)

– $2 VV (January)

= $.50


AND Dove Men + Care Body Wash 13.5 oz – $3.50

-$2.00 Dove Men + Care Body And Face Wash 13 – RP Insert 01/26

– $1.50 VV (January)



All four products =  $17.50 – $15.50 in Qs = Pay $2.50 and get back $5 UP+!


A very cool FREEBIE:

Pantene Haircare 12.6 oz or Select Stylers – 2/$7.00

Buy two, get $2 +UP (Limit 2)

-BOGO q in 1/26 P&G insert

-$3/2 Pantene Product- PG Insert 12/29

Buy 4 – use two BOGO qs and one $3/2.

Pay $4 and get back $4 +UP!

= FREE, all 4 FREE!!!  

The YUMMIEST deal:

Digiorno pizzas @ $5.50 wyb 2

AND there is a 5 dollar up on $15!

Buy 6, comes to $33.00

-(2) B2G1 from the 1/26 rp = Save $11

Pay $22 and get (2) $5 ups  

= $12 for all 6, or only $2 each!!


So – GET shopping!!


Weekly Meal Plan ~


* Shameless Plug number 2 *

Back to a “normal” full week around here…  Well our normal, that is!  We still have Scouts (LAST CHANCE TO ORDER GIRL SCOUT COOKIES – anyone??), Basketball practice and games as well as baseball ‘camp’ and throw in a full family get-together (from a rescheduled Christmas party).  Not to mention the Super Bowl on Sunday!!

Planning and actually following a Meal Plan has helped my family so much and really the amount of time I plan and prep is way less than the amount of “OMG – what can we have for dinner” that used to go on….  This week I took inventory of what’s in my freezer and planned accordingly.  It is going to be a crazy week – as usual – and we are going out today, for pizza with friends; and we have lots of snacking to do on both Saturday and Sunday so meals this week need to be fast and easy!  I found some Chicken Legs, some Chicken Sausage, Hot Dogs, Tortellini and Burger.  Check it out – what’s in your freezer?  Can you make meals from what you already have??

TIP OF THE WEEK:  We also usually always do Sunday Brunch and making extra of whatever we are having makes for quick weekday breakfasts (pancakes popped in the toaster… it works!) or extras needed for the weeknight meals (hash brown potatoes are awesome heated again).

So – I am off to the store:  See that plan HERE, but as always, this week’s meal plan is from items we already have stock piled. 




Monday:  Chicken Legs (shake and bake style), fried spaghetti (w/olive oil, garlic and parmesan from leftover noodles – throw it in the fry pan and heat through), and broccoli

I have a meeting at night so Kerry and the kids are on their own… and I don’t like chicken legs so win-win!!  I am checking out a Networking Meeting and am excited to see what they have to offer.


Tuesday:  Beans and Weiners / Easy Crockpot Meal

Boy Scout night…  I know this is so not the healthiest meal, but we all love it -AND it is so easy for a quick week night – especially one where we need to leave and want to come home to a cooked meal after just a couple of hours.  Put the beans in a crock (gotta be Bush’s), cut the SAHLEN’s in half and throw right in with the beans.  Some of us like to just cut the hot dogs up and serve right in the beans (no buns), K likes to put the dogs on buns and top with beans (chili dog style) and at least one child just wants a plain hotdog in the bun…beans on the side.  Serve with cut up carrots and celery and fruit.


Wednesday:  Chicken Sausage, Fried Potatoes, Mixed Veggies

Nothing as exciting as last week’s FREEBIE Diamond Dinner at the Casino… LOL!   We like to slice the sausage up and pan fry it.  The potatoes are left from Sunday brunch and Veggies are frozen bags…. Easy peasy!!


ThursdayPasta Night – Tortillini Bake

Girl Scout Night…  No meeting, but have to have a planning session!!  Tortillini Bake is an easy delicious meal using frozen tortellinis and my ‘sauce’.   I will share my exact Tortellini Bake recipe soon.


FridayCheeseburger Pizza

Basketball Practice… our favorite Boboli crust with burger and swiss!  Easy – and beyond Yummo!!


SaturdayPot Luck Dinner, Taco Dip (By Request) and….. HMMMMM a dessert perhaps???

We have baseball camp, a basketball game and the day tends to end up – up in the air.  We also have a family party so meal is going to be a “pot-Luck” – my favorite!  Well the food AND my nephew’s homemade wine!!!


SundaySuper Bowl – Making the RIBS from the deal at Tops!

Another basketball game day… Oh My!!!  Crazy schedule…. And have to be right on and ready to report on all the super bowl commercials – LOL!!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?  What are you eating this week??  Don’t forget this week’s grocery shopping deals, see them HERE!!!


TOPS ~ week of 1/26…. BEST Deals!!


* Shameless PLEA… Last week to order Girl Scout Cookies!!*

My TOPS plan this week ~

I always check out the ad scan HERE:  Smart Qpon clips – Tops Ad Scan


Then I check my favorite girl’s sites to see what match-ups they have posted:

Suzy Saver WNY

Tricia’s Frugal Finds

Western NY Deals and ToDos


Meat Deals I plan to STOCK UP :

Boneless Chicken – $1.99/lb


Lloyds select BBQ baby back pork ribs – B2G3 FREE (1.5lb) – $ ??

-$1/1 from the 1/19 SS  – depending on how they ring, use 2 or 5 Qs

That is 5 for the price of 2 minus your Qs!!


My favorite Gas Point Deals ~ LOVE:

Deal #1 (Buy 6 to earn 200 BONUS Points – value of $6 or -$.50 per item):

Kraft Miracle Whip, Mayo, or Salad Dressing – $3.50

-$1.00 off TWO Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo (SS 1/19/14)


Kraft individually wrapped cheese singles or shredded cheese  – $2.50

(LOVING this one because I have a rain check for the B1G1 FREE from last week… SCORE!!!!)


Deal #2:

Solo Plates 10-48ct or bowls 22-28ct – $2.50 (I am in desperate need)

-$1/2 from the 11/10 SS 


OTHER great deals:

Pepsi 6 packs 24oz  B2G3 FREE – $ ??

-$2/2 from the 1/5 SS


Thomas Bagels 18-20oz BOGO – $ ??

-1/2 from the 1/19 SS


Betty Crocker fruit snacks – 4 for $4 (wyb 4)

USE 2 -$1/2 in the 1/5 SS  = Save $2

= 4 for $2 or only $.50 each!!


B2G3 Chex Mix or Bugles  -$ ??

-1/2 from the 12/15 or 1/26 SS


These are my favorite deals this week and the items I have on my shopping list…  I will update after I go to the store!  Now to Meal Plan for the week… how about you?  Do you have a favorite deal from this weeks ad??





THE Meatball Bomber ~ …”diggity”!


Oh what a week of delicious meals it was… 

If you missed it, HERE is the Meal Plan we followed this week.

I spent some of Sunday planning and cooking and the whole family basically devoured everything we made – all week long!  I have to say, we all agreed, both the CHICKEN Cordon ROLL UPS (HERE) and THE MEATBALL BOMBERS below,  were tied for AMAZING-IST!!

I also shared the secret to my “homemade” sauce (read it all HERE), the meatball recipe (HERE) that is now the official favorite, and these (HERE) awesome stuffed shells.  All three were made in a few hours, served for a wonderful dinner and individually frozen for a nice stash of FREEZER MEALS.

Although it sounds simplistic to some, I have had many people inquire as to what a MEATBALL BOMBER is… REALLY ??  Silly, silly skinny peeps, if you’d eat more than salad at Subway – you would know!!!  L-O-L

Bombers – of any kind, are the” bomb-diggidy” of all subs… so a MEATBALL BOMBER is the mother load meatball sub just cuz it’s a favorite!!  Here is my easy recipe ~


Meatball Bombers




Heat your meatballs thoroughly in a light amount of sauce… we are going to cut them in ½ so you can do that before or after…  Just make sure you have good, hot meatballs ready to go!

Slice open your bulky roll, lay a slice of provolone (or 2) on the roll.

Scoop meatballs with a slotted spoon (you do not want a ton of extra sauce)and top sliced cheese with the ½’d meatballs.  Our rolls held 3 full (6 half-ed) meatballs.

Top with shredded cheese  (and sliced jalapenos – if you like), then place back under broiler for just a minute or 2, to melt the mozzarella.  Roll will crisp up, cheese will melt… angels will sing!!  Grab a big fork!!


Making “SAUCE” 101


Looking back through and ‘attempting’ to organize my notes from this week, I realize I talk a lot about “making sauce” and thankfully with no true ITALIAN in my blood there will be no relatives rolling over in their grave as I share this recipe…  My SECRET Sauce!



  •          4 jars (oh yes – premade, bought in the store, jars) of sauce…  we really LOVE the Rinaldi!  But any ole’ sauce will do!
  •          1 can stewed tomatoes – or equivalent frozen if you were “homemaker-y” once and actually stewed and froze some tomatoes this summer… YEAH me!!
  •          1 tsp. red pepper flakes, salt and pepper to taste
  •          1/2 cup sugar – we prefer brown sugar
  •          1 lb. ground beef
  •          1 lb. ground sausage – we like the maple flavored
  •          1 small onion
  •          1 green pepper
  •          1 tsp. garlic
  •          2 TBSP. butter



Dice your onion and pepper, then fry them in the butter until limp and add garlic.

Add both meats to the pan and continue frying until cooked through.

Drain meat mixture on paper towels and return all to a large pot.   Add tomatoes and stir through.  Pour all 4 jars of sauce in, rinsing jars with water and adding approximately 1 cup of water (1/4 cup in each jar) to mix.

Sprinkle with sugar and red pepper flakes.  Stir often – and all the way to the bottom, while heating on high, until very hot – just starting to boil, then turn on low to simmer…all day!  Make sure you keep stirring it.  * You can also do this final step in a crock pot!

You have to taste the sauce often and decide what you want to add… a little more heat?  A little more sweet?  Perhaps some salt?  Maybe malt??  MALT – ?? LOL – I’m just kidding – checking to make sure you were still paying attention!!  Another pat of butter?  Remember to thank your Mother!  On a roll here – I know!!

Anyhow – that’s it… my “homemade” sauce…  I usually make it on a day we need it for a meal…  plain spaghetti, maybe some riggies… a lasagna or raviolis… throw in THESE (click HERE) delicious meatballs, or make a goulash.  You can use it as a base for soups, stews or chilis… pizza sauce – anything!  There is more than enough to eat well, make extra and freeze tons!

So tell me… what are your SAUCE secrets??