This week’s meal plan ~

488003_10200911704580708_914518390_nWEEKLY MEAL PLAN:


MondayMeat Loaf (from my friend Didi’s site),  Mac’n’Cheese  and Corn

All dishes prepped and ready to bake!  It was a plan for Sunday but then we got held up visiting and had to grab fried chicken  – cannot wait to come home from work to this delicious meal!!


Tuesday:  Pasta Night

Boy scout night… busy, busy, busy so ‘sauce’ will go in the crock pot (with a few chunks of left-over meatloaf stirred in) and we will have easy- peasy spaghetti with a big garden salad.


WednesdayBaked Fried Chicken

I have tried a few different recipes and I can’t find anything I truly like as much as Shake’n’Bake – LOL.  I found this this recipe,  so will give it a go….  Baked though, in the oven.


ThursdayChicken Stir Fry

Girl scout night… making a quilt you know!  Very excited by this since I am a NEW “crafter”…  Did you see my arm knitting scarf?? LOL  Anyhow, chicken ready to ‘fry’ and a big bag of frozen oriental veggies on hand makes throwing this meal together, with our favorite sauce, quick, easy and delicious!!!


FridayPizza Night

A Friday off for me which of course turns into a super long *awesome* weekend with the Monday holiday… super excited!  My family may even get to come home to a homemade treat!  We use mini Boboli crusts to all create our own favorite pizzas…  Then the weekend craziness starts and we head out to basketball practice.


SaturdayCrockpot BBQ Burgers

We have a basketball game and the day tends to end up – up in the air.  Will put the burgers in the crock and that way they can be lunch or dinner, or even held off if we end up doing something FUN after basketball.  I hear the RV show is in town, so….   


SundayHam Dinner

Another favorite for the delicious meal it makes and for the awesome leftovers!!  Re-listed from last week since we never got to it – yet really love it!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you? 

What are you eating this week??



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