Weekly Meal Plan ~ and a start to FREEZER COOKING!

I am attempting to “FREEZER MEAL COOK” as well as keeping up and planning the regular meals…  I have been researching and studying and shopping and cooking and timing…  I have a goal, it’s a biggie… I’ll update you in sneaky little bits and pieces but for now – this week, I have asked tons of questions about sauce and burger on facebook (Are we friends?  Let’s be friends!  Friend request me – Michelle Morton Kelsey, C’mon –  I am fun…  and bitchy… but mostly FUN!!  LOL)  I will say I am working on a 30 day freezer meal session but I am breaking it into smaller sessions just to see what the best scenarios are…  I think I have about 10 FREEZER Meals from sauce and burger (and a few other things) but for today I am just focusing on a couple…  I made my ‘sauce’, then I made meatballs (big’uns!), then I made stuffed shells. 

Guess what’s for dinner tonight?? And Guess who has 3 amazing – all ready, just need to bake – meals in the freezer??!!

I will share the process and the recipes as I go… but for now, anyone that didn’t participate on facebook (but will going forward cuz we are friends now – right?) please, PLEASE leave a message and tell us if you “freezer meal cook”!  If you do – what are your tips?  If you don’t – why not?  Would you like to?  Would you like to read about it and recipes and shopping lists and just do it yourself – would you like to get together with friends and do it together – or would you like to buy meals all done for you?  Give me some feedback… play along!!

In the meantime – here is this week’s menu:




Monday:  Chicken Cordon Roll-ups!

A holiday and another day off – whoohoo for 4 day weekends!!  Chicken, Ham and swiss , rolled and ‘battered’ with Italian bread crumbs and parmesan – baked, delicious!!!  Will make an extra batch – since I am already doing it and throw those in the freezer (prior to cooking) for a future quick meal!


Tuesday:  Tacos and Nachos

Boy scout night… BUT taco meat already made in the freezer makes this a super-fast and EASY meal to prepare!  All we do is heat the meat, then pull out the fixings and make our own!


Wednesday:  Breakfast for Dinner

Kerry and I have a HOT date at the Casino with friends who ‘earned’ a big freebie (YEAH!!)  Surf and Turf and $50 free play (for them and a guest couple)… I don’t even want to know how you earn that?!!  But we are going and kids are stuck with Grandma and waffles and fruit!


ThursdayMeatball Subs

Girl Scout night… busy, busy, busy – but I already made the meatballs, and I will make the sammies on some yummy rolls, cover them with mozzarella, wrap in foil (which can be frozen – or certainly already would be, had I thought ahead to getting the rolls…  see I am fine tuning it all!) and bake! 


FridayBuffalo – Chicken Burritos

Again pulling from my freezer, some shredded chicken… in the crockpot it goes with red hot and ranch dressing!  Then we serve it on soft shells with the same good toppings from the taco meal earlier in the week.  Another great,” cook once – eat twice” thing this week, is all of the leftover taco meat and chicken will go in a pot with some of the sauce I made up and we have an instant ready to go TACO SOUP for the weekend.


SaturdayTaco Soup and Queso Grilled Cheese

We have a basketball game and the day tends to end up – up in the air.  Soup can go in the crock for when we get home and we can use some of the salsa and cheeses from the weeks meals to make awesome grilled cheeses to go with the soup!! 


SundayHam Dinner

ONCE again – Re-listed from last week since we never got to it – yet really love it!!  Unless I plan another FREEZER day…  LOL!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?  What are you eating this week??




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  1. Would love to learn more about doing freezer meals…something I have not done before.

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