Making “SAUCE” 101


Looking back through and ‘attempting’ to organize my notes from this week, I realize I talk a lot about “making sauce” and thankfully with no true ITALIAN in my blood there will be no relatives rolling over in their grave as I share this recipe…  My SECRET Sauce!



  •          4 jars (oh yes – premade, bought in the store, jars) of sauce…  we really LOVE the Rinaldi!  But any ole’ sauce will do!
  •          1 can stewed tomatoes – or equivalent frozen if you were “homemaker-y” once and actually stewed and froze some tomatoes this summer… YEAH me!!
  •          1 tsp. red pepper flakes, salt and pepper to taste
  •          1/2 cup sugar – we prefer brown sugar
  •          1 lb. ground beef
  •          1 lb. ground sausage – we like the maple flavored
  •          1 small onion
  •          1 green pepper
  •          1 tsp. garlic
  •          2 TBSP. butter



Dice your onion and pepper, then fry them in the butter until limp and add garlic.

Add both meats to the pan and continue frying until cooked through.

Drain meat mixture on paper towels and return all to a large pot.   Add tomatoes and stir through.  Pour all 4 jars of sauce in, rinsing jars with water and adding approximately 1 cup of water (1/4 cup in each jar) to mix.

Sprinkle with sugar and red pepper flakes.  Stir often – and all the way to the bottom, while heating on high, until very hot – just starting to boil, then turn on low to simmer…all day!  Make sure you keep stirring it.  * You can also do this final step in a crock pot!

You have to taste the sauce often and decide what you want to add… a little more heat?  A little more sweet?  Perhaps some salt?  Maybe malt??  MALT – ?? LOL – I’m just kidding – checking to make sure you were still paying attention!!  Another pat of butter?  Remember to thank your Mother!  On a roll here – I know!!

Anyhow – that’s it… my “homemade” sauce…  I usually make it on a day we need it for a meal…  plain spaghetti, maybe some riggies… a lasagna or raviolis… throw in THESE (click HERE) delicious meatballs, or make a goulash.  You can use it as a base for soups, stews or chilis… pizza sauce – anything!  There is more than enough to eat well, make extra and freeze tons!

So tell me… what are your SAUCE secrets??


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