THE Meatball Bomber ~ …”diggity”!


Oh what a week of delicious meals it was… 

If you missed it, HERE is the Meal Plan we followed this week.

I spent some of Sunday planning and cooking and the whole family basically devoured everything we made – all week long!  I have to say, we all agreed, both the CHICKEN Cordon ROLL UPS (HERE) and THE MEATBALL BOMBERS below,  were tied for AMAZING-IST!!

I also shared the secret to my “homemade” sauce (read it all HERE), the meatball recipe (HERE) that is now the official favorite, and these (HERE) awesome stuffed shells.  All three were made in a few hours, served for a wonderful dinner and individually frozen for a nice stash of FREEZER MEALS.

Although it sounds simplistic to some, I have had many people inquire as to what a MEATBALL BOMBER is… REALLY ??  Silly, silly skinny peeps, if you’d eat more than salad at Subway – you would know!!!  L-O-L

Bombers – of any kind, are the” bomb-diggidy” of all subs… so a MEATBALL BOMBER is the mother load meatball sub just cuz it’s a favorite!!  Here is my easy recipe ~


Meatball Bombers




Heat your meatballs thoroughly in a light amount of sauce… we are going to cut them in ½ so you can do that before or after…  Just make sure you have good, hot meatballs ready to go!

Slice open your bulky roll, lay a slice of provolone (or 2) on the roll.

Scoop meatballs with a slotted spoon (you do not want a ton of extra sauce)and top sliced cheese with the ½’d meatballs.  Our rolls held 3 full (6 half-ed) meatballs.

Top with shredded cheese  (and sliced jalapenos – if you like), then place back under broiler for just a minute or 2, to melt the mozzarella.  Roll will crisp up, cheese will melt… angels will sing!!  Grab a big fork!!



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