Weekly Meal Plan ~


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Back to a “normal” full week around here…  Well our normal, that is!  We still have Scouts (LAST CHANCE TO ORDER GIRL SCOUT COOKIES – anyone??), Basketball practice and games as well as baseball ‘camp’ and throw in a full family get-together (from a rescheduled Christmas party).  Not to mention the Super Bowl on Sunday!!

Planning and actually following a Meal Plan has helped my family so much and really the amount of time I plan and prep is way less than the amount of “OMG – what can we have for dinner” that used to go on….  This week I took inventory of what’s in my freezer and planned accordingly.  It is going to be a crazy week – as usual – and we are going out today, for pizza with friends; and we have lots of snacking to do on both Saturday and Sunday so meals this week need to be fast and easy!  I found some Chicken Legs, some Chicken Sausage, Hot Dogs, Tortellini and Burger.  Check it out – what’s in your freezer?  Can you make meals from what you already have??

TIP OF THE WEEK:  We also usually always do Sunday Brunch and making extra of whatever we are having makes for quick weekday breakfasts (pancakes popped in the toaster… it works!) or extras needed for the weeknight meals (hash brown potatoes are awesome heated again).

So – I am off to the store:  See that plan HERE, but as always, this week’s meal plan is from items we already have stock piled. 




Monday:  Chicken Legs (shake and bake style), fried spaghetti (w/olive oil, garlic and parmesan from leftover noodles – throw it in the fry pan and heat through), and broccoli

I have a meeting at night so Kerry and the kids are on their own… and I don’t like chicken legs so win-win!!  I am checking out a Networking Meeting and am excited to see what they have to offer.


Tuesday:  Beans and Weiners / Easy Crockpot Meal

Boy Scout night…  I know this is so not the healthiest meal, but we all love it -AND it is so easy for a quick week night – especially one where we need to leave and want to come home to a cooked meal after just a couple of hours.  Put the beans in a crock (gotta be Bush’s), cut the SAHLEN’s in half and throw right in with the beans.  Some of us like to just cut the hot dogs up and serve right in the beans (no buns), K likes to put the dogs on buns and top with beans (chili dog style) and at least one child just wants a plain hotdog in the bun…beans on the side.  Serve with cut up carrots and celery and fruit.


Wednesday:  Chicken Sausage, Fried Potatoes, Mixed Veggies

Nothing as exciting as last week’s FREEBIE Diamond Dinner at the Casino… LOL!   We like to slice the sausage up and pan fry it.  The potatoes are left from Sunday brunch and Veggies are frozen bags…. Easy peasy!!


ThursdayPasta Night – Tortillini Bake

Girl Scout Night…  No meeting, but have to have a planning session!!  Tortillini Bake is an easy delicious meal using frozen tortellinis and my ‘sauce’.   I will share my exact Tortellini Bake recipe soon.


FridayCheeseburger Pizza

Basketball Practice… our favorite Boboli crust with burger and swiss!  Easy – and beyond Yummo!!


SaturdayPot Luck Dinner, Taco Dip (By Request) and….. HMMMMM a dessert perhaps???

We have baseball camp, a basketball game and the day tends to end up – up in the air.  We also have a family party so meal is going to be a “pot-Luck” – my favorite!  Well the food AND my nephew’s homemade wine!!!


SundaySuper Bowl – Making the RIBS from the deal at Tops!

Another basketball game day… Oh My!!!  Crazy schedule…. And have to be right on and ready to report on all the super bowl commercials – LOL!!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?  What are you eating this week??  Don’t forget this week’s grocery shopping deals, see them HERE!!!



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  1. You are so crazy!! We have to get together one of these days when YOUR schedule allows you!! Your dinners and escapades sound amazing and believe it or not, I miss those busy nights with the kids outings!! ♥

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