Game Day Snacks ~ 8 awesome appetizers


Looking ahead to this weekend, the big game, the commercial commentary; which I so freely and humorously provide to all my facebook friends!  (Are we facebook friends?  Send me a request – Michelle Morton Kelsey –  we’ll chat!) BUT most of all, THE SNACKS!

Our main course is going to be a Cheeseburger type dish – I often look to THESE, Cheeseburger Quesadillas (Click HERE) but recently found these LOVELY looking BACON CHEESEBURGER EGG ROLLS (Click HERE) and I gotta say – I am going to give them a go this weekend!  I LOVE finding new recipes online and making them my own.


Additionally, everyone picks their favorite snack and we just have a party fest of our own!


K’s Pick ~ We have to have Jeni’s Cheesey Taco Dip:  THIS Hot, Cheesey, Taco Dip (Click HERE) was a huge hit and one of my most viewed recipes!

Joshua’s Pick ~ Can’t go wrong with SAUSAGE BREAD (Click HERE)

Lu’s Pick ~ She always goes for something with Chicken Wing Dip and has chosen, Chicken Wing Pizza (Click HERE)

CK’s Pick ~ My little man love’s the ‘BEAN DIP”, otherwise known as the Delicious Cowboy Caviar (Click HERE)

  •          I just noticed how I refer to my kids…  the oldest = full name, the middle child = nickname, and the baby… he just gets initials…  hahaha!   That third kid, he sure has it rough!!

My Parents are coming over and my Mom has requested more MEATBALLS (click HERE) – I totally know she just wants to take them home for another meal, but hey~ as in our house, “What the Mama wants, the Mama gets” – and I just so happen to have MANY in my freezer!!

Me – my pick….  ALWAYS the Deep Fried Pickles (Click HERE) that I just shared this week.  And because we are frying, what with the cheeseburger egg rolls above and these pickles, we will most likely make a full-fledged “Hodge Podge” and batter and fry some cheese sticks and chicken chunks as well some mushrooms and broccoli.  That makes it all a little healthier – right??!!!  Time pending, I plan on trying to BAKE all these options as well, to see if we can go with the ‘lighter’ version….  Anyone have tips on baking “things you love to eat fried”?


AND Taco Dip (Click HERE)… we never get away without the Taco Dip (Click HERE)….!!


So – how about you?  What are your GAME DAY plans??

More importantly, what are you having to eat??


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