Taco Dip ~ w/meat, YUMMMMO


I know there are at least a gazillion varieties of TACO DIP – hot dips, cold dips, meat versions, meatless versions, chili dips – oh my, but this is my Easy-Peasy FAVORITE meat version!  It is our go to – at all times – everyone loves it and it is constantly requested when I ask, “What can I bring” because:

1 – I generally always have all the ingredients on hand

2 – I can use my premade taco meat in the freezer (I always freeze pre-made taco meat in 3 cup bags)

3 – This recipe is great no matter what you do to it… any favorite ingredients are PERECT

4 – This recipe can be made ahead of time and any left-overs, although rare, can be saved in fridge! 

5 – Although we prefer to ‘layer’ the ingredients and serve as is, you can also mix all the ingredients and serve warm or from a crockpot…  IF there are ever left-overs, we do generally mix them, heat them and chip dip them!!


Favorite Taco Dip ~ our “MEAT is NEAT” version!



  •          Premade Taco Meat or make up 1 lb. (or so…) of burger and season with a taco seasoning packet as directed.

*Fun facts:  1 pound of meat is 16 oz. – ¼ lb burgers are 4 oz. each – 4 oz. of uncooked burger is approximately 1 cup – 1 lb. of cooked burger will be about 2.5 cups – I usually premake my taco meat using 4 lbs of meat and only 2 packets of seasoning so it is not so overpowering – then I divide cooked meat into 3 meal portions using a little over 3 cups in each portion, these portions are then perfect for any taco meal!!  Oh yeah – you are welcome!!

  •          Sour Cream – 16 oz. container
  •          Salsa – 16 oz. or a regular jar
  •          Shredded Taco Cheese – about 2 cups
  •          Chips for Dipping (Tostito Fajita Chips perhaps…)



Grab a nice platter or not… depending on whether you will get dish back – or not…  LOL

Make taco meat and cool in fridge, or pull from STASH… and spread evenly over bottom of platter.

Second, spread the Sour Cream over the meat.

Next spread the Salsa over the Sour cream.

Finally top with shredded cheese. * You may choose extra layers, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, black olives… anything you would like… I just figure the Salsa has the goods we want and is plenty good enough.

Dip the chips… we love the Tostitos SCOOPS!  Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

 taco dip

Add this to the TOP 8 Appetizers (HERE)


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