Monday Match-ups ~ Let’s Chat!!


ham and Cheese

Hi – How are you?

What’s new and Exciting??

Did you go to or have a Super Bowl Party?  We ate ourselves silly and had some of the best food ever!  Two favorites that I am working on recreating are those Hawaiian Bun, Ham and Cheese sliders in a bake type sammies… You know the ones?  Here is a link, but this isn’t quite it (Click HERE)…  (see pic above).   I will detail all as soon as I get the recipe!! 

fruit Pizza

The second favorite was this “Fruit Pizza”… sugar cookie dough, sweet cream cheese sauce and tons of delicious fruit on top!  Here is a link (Click HERE) – but again, not exact, the ‘sauce’ was homemade… working on that too!  But those are the two featured pics – you can see how GREAT they look.



We also had a nice family get together over the weekend and these are all the gorgeous grand-kids on K’s side…  cute huh??!!



I made a couple brownie trays and they were definitely a huge hit!  You like??

I have also been busy becoming addicted to these online ‘virtual garage sale’ type groups?  Oh my – too much fun and I have scored some super awesome deals!  Bear Paws and Coach perfume  for me…  Silver jeans for the baby girl, brand new cleats for the boys…score, score, score!!  Anyone??  Okay then….

Other than that, pretty much same old, same old here but wanted to find the time to link all the most recent “HOT” posts in one spot… kind of a Monday Match-up – everything you need to know about the hits of last week and the deals to do this week!

Last week’s Recipes ~

fried pickles

Best EVER Deep Fried Pickles (HUGE hit!!) Click HERE

taco dip

My Famous MEAT in the Mix Taco Dip!  Click HERE

A Nice 8 (turned 9) Appetizer Round-up for some great ideas! Click HERE


This week’s meal plan (helpful ideas) ~



Shopping Plans for this week ~

TOPS DEAL w/ BONUS Gas Point Deals!  Click HERE

Favorites at Rite Aid! Click HERE


So – you… tell me something about you!!!  Let’s hear it…. You know you wanna… the floor is yours – GO!!






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