Weekly MEAL PLAN ~

Oh my – another week is upon us…  where in the world does the time go?  It is February already… maybe it will warm up!  The 30 degree temps sure felt like a heat wave compared to the previous week but I am sure we are in for more of Mother Nature’s Finest!

After this past multi-party weekend, I looked ahead only to realize we are just as crazy busy this week/month… AGH, the life!  Totally trying to ensure we get the “good” stuff in for the month and know I want to focus on good quality family time, a great date night, a night out with friends, and hooking up with some of my besties – a girl’s get together!  This week we have an awesome night out with friends on Saturday, so that is a start!!  What are you doing to ensure you get your “quality time/moments” in???  What’s important to you is what you will make happen – so MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

I planned out my shopping, and here are my favorite deals:

This week at TOPS (Click HERE)

And this week at Rite-aid (Click HERE)

Then I completed our menu for the week ~




Monday:  White Beef Gravy on Toast (“Sh*t on a Shingle” LOL)

I think this is a family favorite only because of the name… what a sad redneck life we really live – LOL!!!  Our version is white gravy with chipped beef, peas and hard boiled eggs!!


Tuesday:  Tacos

Boy Scout night…  Taco Meat is already pre-portioned in the freezer, so a quick micro and we are set!


Wednesday:  Chicken Alfredo, w/Broccoli and Bacon

Chunked Chicken is all pre-portioned in the freezer, and we made extra bacon with Sunday’s brunch.  A jarred Alfredo makes throwing all these together with steamed broccoli and cooked fettuccini an easy quick dinner!


ThursdayPizza Night – $2 DiGiornos in the FREEZER

Girl Scout Night…  This month SCANDAL comes back – whooohoooo!!!


FridayChicken Stir Fry

Basketball Practice…  Again turning to the preportioned chicken, with a bag of stir fry veggies and stir fry sauce; all served over rice


SaturdayBurgers and Fries

We have a basketball game and the day tends to end up – up in the air.   Night out with friends… a Steak Raffle to boot – can NOT wait!!!!


SundayRoast Beef Dinner

Another basketball game day… Oh My!!!  But coming home to a roast in the crock will be awesome and I will make a huge roast to have lots of left-over meat to make meals next week – or for the freezer (stay tuned…)The carrots are my favorite!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?

 What are you eating this week?? 


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