Weekly Plan ~ Menu (Meal) Plan



I was really struggling with my meal planning for this week because I had good intentions of making a huge roast today then having lots of left overs for the week’s dishes – it was all planned!  But my family wanted charcoaled steaks today and since we are so rarely home before dark these days, but we were today, steaks it was!!  AND – they were delicious!!  Like cut ‘em with a butter knife amazing, I tell you!! 

So I questioned my facebook BFFs again and man did they offer up dinner ideas… I took inventory (problem #2  I tell you)  I have turkeys and bacon and turkey bacon…. I have peanuts and sunflower seeds…I have a few left overs frozen from last week BUT I do not have the typical stash I normally do and that is because we have been gone on the weekends and I haven’t had any big cooking days.  Time to make that a priority again; it is just something you have to do!!

I perused the ads and planned my shopping deals:

This week at TOPS (Click HERE). See what HOT deals I will be getting….

And I noted, $1.49/# FRESH boneless, skinless chicken breast at Save-a-lot this week as well!  Will have to check those out and see how they look but should be worth a 20# purchase for sure!!  Grabbing them at that price would be awesome!

Then I completed our menu for the week ~




Monday:  Sausage Gravy over Biscuits

Over the weekend, we had one of our typical Sunday brunches and made extra biscuits and sausages and some hard boiled eggs to put together a quick hot weeknight meal.


Tuesday:  Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Boy Scout night…  We pulled a couple extra steaks and added the meat to our chopped chicken stash.  Monday night I will marinate the meats and chop the veggies and then we can fry it up quickly around our crazy Tuesday schedule!


Wednesday:  Baked Beans and Weiners

I made a double batch last time so just have to throw this batch in the oven and heat through.  Always good with a veggie tray; our favorites being carrot sticks, celery and peppers.


ThursdayMake your own Subs

Girl Scout Night…  Salami is on sale this week!!


FridayVALENTINES DAY – OUT to Dinner with friends, Surf and Turf – YEAH!!  Kids = Pizza

I have the day off so will make a yummy dessert with the kids  – heart sugar cookies or maybe dipped rice krispie hearts….??


A sauce making day (click HERE for recipe) and it is much needed!  I will prep the sauce in the am, simmer it all day, then make a few lasagnas.  One for dinner and 2 for the freezer!!


SundayRoast Beef Dinner

Finally, a roast in the crock will be awesome and I have planned to make a huge roast to have lots of left-over meat to make meals next week – or for the freezer (stay tuned…) The carrots are my favorite!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?

 What are you eating this week?? 





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