The ABSOLUTE, BEST EVER Lasagna…. oooh, ahhhhh!!!!


The BEST Lasagna EVER!!

The crowds were chanting:  We Want Lasagna, We want Lasagna!  And so the Mama obliged ~ 

I started by getting my sauce (Click HERE for recipe) simmering in a crock and then I compiled this “gift of the Gods” dinner….  It’s a three cheese, 2 meat, hearty meal, that will enable you to get your family to do anything you ask! 

Once you have the sauce ready, the rest comes together beautifully and is truly phenomenal!!  Try it!! 

Again, HERE is the sauce recipe to start!  You have to make the SAUCE…

After the sauce is made – Here are the remaining ingredients needed:

  • ·         1 box lasagna noodles
  • ·         2 eggs
  • ·         1 container ricotta – 15 oz. regular size
  • ·         2 cups shredded provolone
  • ·         1 cup parmesan
  • ·         2 TBS Italian Seasoning
  • ·         4 cups shredded Mozzarella


Cook lasagna noodles as directed on the box, remember the oil so your noodles don’t stick – once you drain them, run cold water over them and separate and lay the noodles flat on a cookie sheet.

In a bowl, beat up your eggs, add ricotta, shredded provolone, parmesan and Italian seasoning; stir until blended.

Now grab your lasagna pan, you need a bit taller than the typical 9X13 so you can use all your ingredients and get that 4th layer in your lasagna!

Start the layers, cover the bottom of the pan with your hearty meat sauce, then layer with lasagna noodles.

Next layer is your cheese blend… spread it lightly on each noodle;  I use a teaspoon to drop the mixture on and spread as I go.

Cover with shredded mozzarella (about 1 cup for each layer)and then sauce it up…  spread the sauce thin as well (about 2 cups per layer).

Start again with your 2nd layer of lasagna noodles, cheese mixture, shredded mozzarella and sauce.  Continue on and you will have 4 full layers, ending with sauce on top.

You can make this up ahead and leave in fridge overnight, “melding” the flavors to bake the next day… or you can freeze the lasagna at this point to thaw and bake when you need /want it.

To Bake:  Place your lasagna on a large cookie sheet in a 350 degree preheated oven and bake uncovered for about 1 hour.  You may want to sprinkle a little more mozzarella on top just prior to removing from the oven (about 10 minutes).  Once removed, let set for 10-15 minutes before cutting; it is the perfect time to eat your salad!

Cut the lasagna and serve, all while listening to the applause and oohs and ahhhs!  Eat up!!  YUMMMMO




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  1. Can you use the no cook noodles? I think I’m going to try to make your sauce this weekend.

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