Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan



Meal Planning again – WHY oh why do these people continue wanting dinner every single night??  AGHHHHHH

Good thing I pulled a turkey out earlier this week and I have that 20lb sucker roasting away as we ‘speak’!!  Stuffed and everything!  That is going to taste awesome after getting home from basketball!

I already have my plan for Rite-aid – (Click HERE) – check out this week’s GREAT deals!!

Then I checked all the TOPS deals and made this list – (Click HERE)!

Then the meal plan came to be ~



Monday:  Beef Tips and Gravy over Noodles

FINALLY our long awaited apt. at Kirsch Center for CK!  I hope to goodness we get some insight and HELP for him at school.  What a torturous experience it has been getting to this point, but I feel confident that we are on the right path FINALLY!!  I also have a meeting, in the evening, that I am very excited about…  girl time, networking… all my favorite things!!  I have leftover Beef and Gravy, in the freezer, from the Roast meal last week so will throw in the crock on low for K and kids.


TuesdayChicken “IN” Biscuits,  (LOVE this Pillsbury Recipe)

Boy Scout night…  Canoe training in the school pool… should be fun for one and all – LOL!!  By the way… scout fundraiser – Kutter’s Cheese SalePrices are better than retail!!  Check out the brochure HERE and let me know if you want a price list.  Other than Thin Mints, this is the only fundraiser I truly like!!!  Let me know what I can order for you!!  J

So dinner, oh yeah – I will take leftovers from the Turkey Dinner and make the filling for this quick easy dinner (making double the filling for the pot pie on Thursday) that has become a family favorite!!  We always have biscuits on hand!


WednesdayOur Favorite Chicken Salad (Click HERE)

Making this with turkey from the big dinner and using grapes and apples and serving on fresh croissants.


ThursdayChicken Pot Pie (Here is Pillsbury’s recipe)

Girl Scout Night…  Will make the chicken mixture Monday night for Tuesday’s Chicken”IN” Biscuits as well as a pot pie.  Using Pillsbury crust makes it so simple!


FridaySauce (My Recipe) and a Bowtie Skillet Lasagna (Recipe soon)

Basketball practice…  My day off… very much needed!  I plan on starting some spring cleaning!  Anyone else see crazy cob webs in places they shouldn’t be?  I am talking a cob web that created a barrier in my hall way that when I walked into it, I turned into a ninja, flailing my arms around like someone on attack….   Just me – ohhhhhh…. I never claimed to be a great cleaner – and clearly I missed the upper walls of the hall – sad, sad, sad….   LOL!!  So cleaning and another batch of sauce… for dinner and for next week when I plan to make some chili!


SaturdayDINNER OUT – Pizza and Wings anyone??

Basketball day… but first, a baby shower that I am so excited to attend  – I mean it’s another chance to see if the ‘Momma to Be’ wants me to be her mid-wife  – Hello Ms. Molly…????  Then we have a 6PM game so sure hope we can find some friends to go to dinner with!!  Maybe Batavia’s Original again??!!


SundayPork Loin Meal (Click HERE for my favorite recipe!)

Crock potting the pork with creamed soup… making smashed potatoes and string green beans – and of course my homemade applesauce!   YUMMMM, one of my TOP 5 favorite meals!!


Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?

 Big shopping plans?  What are you eating this week?? 



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  1. You make a girl blush and sweat! Funny lady!

  2. I lost it on your cob web story, No I mean it, tears streaming down my face and everything!! Meals sound fantastic!!

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