Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

First things first….  Have you seen the BIG announcement??   “MEAL APPEAL” is LIVE!!!


Are you BUSY?  Do you still need to provide a wholesome delicious dinner?  Struggling to do it all?

Your answer is HERE! 


Would you like to get together, have fun, and make 10 freezer meals to take home…  Don’t miss this awesome opportunity – only 25 spots for our first session, and 10 are already secured!!

When:  Saturday, March 29th at 3:00 PM  (approx. 3 hours)

Where:  Sweet Ecstasy Bakery and Bistro – 201 East Main Street, Batavia

Cost:  $125, covers EVERYTHING for you to take home 10 meals that easily feed 5-6 people each, plus some taste testing will be going on! You bring something to take everything home in…  a cooler or even a laundry basket works.  (*Bring WHATEVER you would like to drink…and yes, it can be wine… what goes better with all this fine food?!!)

How to Pay (and claim one of the 25 spots):  Be sure to tell us via email or facebook that you are coming and then Paypal a payment to – mkkelsey@ymail.com or send a check to – Michelle Kelsey, c/o Sweet Ecstasy Bakery, 201 E Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020 

Here is our first EXCITING menu:  Stuffed Shells, Chicken and Biscuits, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Sloppy Joes, Garlic Lime Chicken, BBQ Pulled Chicken, Taco Casserole, Homestyle Baked Zit, Hawaiian Chicken, and Chicken Pot Pie

One more exciting announcement:  In case you cannot attend or simply prefer to just BUY the meals all prepared for you, you can simply purchase the TEN meals for $135!!

Who is in?  We can’t wait!!  Register now …

FACEBOOK:  Sweet Ecstasy Bakery and/or Michelle Morton Kelsey

EMAIL:  mkkelsey@ymail.com


Then there is the TOPS Dollar Doubler draw…  I MUST coupon!!!

Rite-aid is looking great this week too…  tons of in-ad coupons – Oh my!

I also picked up my troops Cookies so have Girl Scout cookies to sort and deliver… and sort and deliver….


Then I realized that although I just planned 10 meals for 25 people, I also need to feed my family on a regular basis, and the meal plan came to be ~

Today we had a ham and homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, both with enough left over for this week!




Monday:  Chicken and Biscuits

Seriously – baseball starts… not a break to be had!


Tuesday:  Beans and Wienies

Boy Scout night…  By the way… scout fundraiser – Kutter’s Cheese SalePrices are better than retail!!  Check out the brochure HERE and let me know if you want a price list.  Other than Thin Mints, this is the only fundraiser I truly like!!!  Let me know what I can order for you!!  J


Wednesday:  Ham and Scalloped Potatoes


ThursdayGrilled Chicken – Yumm

Wrestling season end party….  Bring a dish to pass!  Making taco salad and a cookie of some kind!


FridayTaco Bar

Basketball practice…  LAST ONE


SaturdayDINNER OUT – Pizza and Wings anyone??

Basketball day… LAST game of the season


SundaySauce (My Recipe) and a Bowtie Skillet Lasagna (Recipe soon)



Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?

 Big shopping plans?  What are you eating this week?? 







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  1. Can’t wait for “Meal Appeal”! 🙂 Wine, food and good company, what could be any better?

    • Thank you Lea Ann – we are so super excited to bring this to fruition! We are going to have FUN!!!
      Now – promise, even when you win millions, you will still come – if just to hang out!!!

  2. Hey…”you never know” LOL But, I still have to eat 🙂 Bringing 2 lovely girlfriends.

    • Well – with millions, you could employ a personal chef!! 🙂 I have all three of you registered! I am so excited to do this… been working on big plans for April… a healthy GF version and considering offering 2 different sets of meals, buy 1 or both… have to see how it goes but we are getting tons of interest!!!

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