Meal Plan ~ Weekly Menu

Pork Chops

First things first….  Have you seen the BIG announcement??   “MEAL APPEAL” is LIVE!!!

This week I am making lots of yummy dishes as a sampling of what we are going to be offering at the next MEAL APPEAL session…   If you haven’t liked us on facebook yet, please do: 


Today the scents wafting from my crockpot are almost HEAVENLY.  I have Honey Spice Glazed Pork Chops cooking away and I have prepped Bourban Chicken, World’s Best Chicken and Zesty Chicken… I can’t wait to share how awesome these meals are!  Better yet come to one of our classes and see AND TASTE for yourself!

I spent a lot of the day attempting to get myself and my family ready because I have an out of town meeting this week.  Yep, a king size bed and room service all to myself, it’s a tough life!!

I linked to many sites – check them out!!




MondayBourban Chicken (from HERE)


TuesdayPizza Bake (from HERE)


Wednesday:  Taco Bar


ThursdayChicken Alfredo (FREEZER MEAL)


FridayShepards Pie (another FREEZER MEAL)


SaturdayWorld’s BEST Chicken (from HERE)


SundaySauce (My Recipe) and a Bowtie Skillet Lasagna (Recipe soon)



Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?

 Big shopping plans?  What are you eating this week?? 



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