Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan


Wow – what a week we’ve had?  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to start fresh and new!  I had to travel for a work meeting so I was out in that horrible storm on Wednesday and even though we had already planned on staying overnight, the storm was so bad everywhere that the entire town shut down and we could not even go out for dinner!  We came home Thursday evening and realized we should have called ahead to have someone plow our vehicles out… what a mess, we were all buried!  I was never so happy to get home as I was on Thursday night.  Then – even though I had a planned three day weekend – I never had any down time, except for my special TV hour on Sunday when I watch Tricia and Ree on the Food Network!!  Hey, everyone has their vices – right??!!

I did make some pretty amazing food this weekend… I’ve been prepping and practicing for our FREEZER MEAL WORKSHOPS (Have you liked MEAL APPEAL on facebook yet?).  I made a delicious SHEPARD’S PIE (see the recipe HERE) and then I tried two versions of chicken… stay tuned for the MAPLE DIJON CHICKEN, it was truly amazing!!  Today I made my “sauce” (recipe HERE) and then I made a SKILLET LASAGNA – whoa… if you have never done so, you will have to try skillet lasagna; it was so easy and quick, yet tasted just as good as a lasagna you spent all day on.  I will share the recipe this week as well.

I planned out the HOT deals at Rite-aid… couple freebies and cheap ($.50/pack) pads so definitely worth a quick trip.  See the RITE-AID DEALS here!!

Then I planned my weekly menu ~



Monday:  Chicken Fajitas – using left over chunk chicken from my “Bourbon Chicken” meal last week


Tuesday:  Corned Beef and Cabbage – my family loves it… I do not!  We are having a work luncheon focusing on CB&C, so I am making same day so I only have to smell it and see it one day – LOL!!


Wednesday:  Taco Bar – taco meat is in the freezer, I will put it in a small crock pot and set out toppings since K and I have a dinner date with friends! 


ThursdayReubens – I have a meeting, so K and the kids can eat up the left over corned beef. {BLECH }


FridayPIZZA for all – Lu and I have a Girl Scout overnight so boys are on their own!


SaturdayBURGERSTROGANOFF – the next FREEZER MEAL on my “to-try” list.  I LOVE having these meals all set in my freezer and need the 29th to get here so I can get more in my stash!! 


SundayTURKEY DINNER – more because I need the space in my freezer (for next week’s new FREEZER MEAL stash) and I still have quite a few turkeys in there.



Wow – feeling much better about ANOTHER crazy week ahead now that I have this all planned out… How about you?

 Big shopping plans?  What are you eating this week?? 







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