Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan


Easter has come on and gone… the Kelsey family sure enjoyed the day! We spent a lot of time over the weekend cooking and baking to have an awesome family meal on Sunday. Here is a small glimpse of our favorites….


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We have a big week ahead… Softball starts and Baseball is in full swing. Scouts for all and a MEAL APPEAL workshop this weekend. Definitely looking forward to the MEAL APPEAL session coming on Saturday as even my personal stash of FREEZER MEALS is dwindling!!


And here is a plan for the week ~




Pulled BBQ Chicken – one of our MEAL APPEAL meals served on the delicious rolls left from Easter Dinner and with the remaining “24 Hour Ambrosia Salad” (Recipe coming on Tasty Tuesday! It’s fabulous and just the recipe I have been looking for – like my Grandma used to make!!) Carrot and Celery Sticks are the perfect pre-dinner snack and cover our veggie requirements for dinner.




Ham and Scalloped Potatoes – leftovers from Easter Dinner… I diced up some ham and will partially fry up some potatoes ahead, then put together this meal, in a casserole dish, the night before so we can just pop it in the oven. Perfect with a side salad.




Garlic Lime Chicken – another MEAL APPEAL meal, so handy, easy and delicious! This can cook in the crock pot and we will serve it with a cheesy Lipton Sides noodle dish and peas.




Stuffed Shells – it’s Pasta Night and this was one of our favorite MEAL APPEAL meals… so nice to have them already in the freezer. Great to have with a nice salad while they finish cooking.




Pizza Night – will probably order out, nice reward after a long “back to reality” week!



Bubble Up Cordon Bleu (Click HERE) – I will be gone and cooking all day at the “Meal Appeal – Homestyle 2 Workshop”… so I picked a new recipe for K to make for us! I love all the recipes I try from this site and I was looking for something to use up the left over Easter Ham… not to mention everyone’s love for Cordon Bleus!! Can’t wait to try it.




Looking forward to a day at home after the craziness of the week… Depending on the weather, we may grill out (this is the hope!) or I will play in the kitchen and practice a few more yummy dishes for the next MEAL APPEAL session…. It is such a joy to have found something I sincerely LOVE to do!!



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