Menu Monday ~ Weekly Meal Plan

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~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~


We camped all weekend and had some of the best camp food yet! Sunday we had a tailgate party and a little chili festival, so of course chili had to be incorporated into the week’s menu! Also lots of little bits of sides to use up so I mixed up camp burgers that we can use up the sides with! We have a CRAZY busy week and I need to have all my meals ready and in the crock for the day or prepared to be thrown in the oven before we run back out to pick up kids! The weekend is a meal plan killer because…  agh FOOTBALL… and Family… and Friends…  and FUN!!!


Monday –

Camp Burgers on grilled garlic buns, with leftover cheesy potatoes, burger beans, coleslaw and taco dip.


Tuesday –

Lasagna from the freezer! Last time I made lasagna, I made a couple extra smaller pans and this will be a hearty and delicious meal that I only have to throw in the oven. I could tell you we are going to have a big salad with it but most likely it will be loaf of fresh Italian bread!!


Wednesday –

I had a small Pork Loin in the freezer, so I am covering with cream soup and cooking all day in the crock! Served with fried potatoes, applesauce and green beans.


Thursday –

Chili back in the crock and adding hot dogs. A few toppings and some toasty buns will make this a huge hit.


Friday –

We have a pep rally / bonfire and just have to bring a snack so dinner will likely be a quick sandwich or cereal…. And again, I should say we will eat quick before we go but having to work and to be there by 6PM makes the before thing highly unlikely!!

*So – a good snack for kids and adults alike… and no power and I need to make the night before… Ideas??


Saturday –

Football, football, football… probably PIZZA for dinner!

*…and it is bake sale day so I need to get cracking! Again – open to suggestions!


Sunday –

Family football party… What to make, what to make?? An appetizer… a side… a dessert…. Not sure yet… it’s a cook out… so – ideas??


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