Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan


~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

Oh the week we have had…. And the week we are about to encounter…. OH MY!!!

Our Varsity Youth Football Team played and WON their playoff game and are now headed to the Championship next week… GO TROJANS!!!

I have yet to even think about Halloween and don’t know what anyone is wearing any day this week but I will make and stick to a meal plan to take one realm of stress off my plate!!


Monday –

Chicken Alfredo – I have a freezer meal already in the crock…. Definitely including this in our next session!


Tuesday –

Stuffed Shells – pulled out of the freezer to start thawing now… but I used this recipe HERE!


Wednesday –

Beef and Noodles – using up the leftovers from our Pot Roast Dinner this weekend. I just shred the remaining beef and heat in the remaining gravy, then mix with cooked spiral noodles. I usually throw in a can of peas to add a veggie.


Thursday –

Taco Bar – using my tri-crock to have ready; taco meat, warm salsa, and nacho cheese!


Friday –

SOUP – It’s Halloween; sure hope I can find costumes for these kids, Thursday at midnight when I can finally shop – hahaha – tradition says a big crock of soup to share… I am going to try Trisha Yearwood’s Tortilla Soup! HERE is the recipe


Saturday –

“FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS and FOOTBALL” (Totally our motto right now!)

The #1 seed, Tri-Town Trojans take the field at 5PM – be there!! ….probably PIZZA for dinner! CELEBRATORY Pizza!!


Sunday –

Me and the Food Network! Home all day – I swear, if I have to leave the house… aghhhhh, LOL!! Making the last of my frozen turkey’s… so I have room for this year’s!! TURKEY DINNER and plenty of leftovers to make my favorite turkey/chicken meals next week!!


SO  – what are you eating this week??


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