Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

pork loin~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

Changed things up a little bit from the intended plan for today’s meal and prep work for the week… Originally I wanted to make Turkey Dinner today and have the meat to use this week… Guess what happens when you forget to take the turkey out of the freezer… ha – new plan! Luckily, pork loin roasts (I buy the full loin and cut into thirds and freeze separately) can be thrown in the crock frozen and we still had a great dinner – my favorite actually!! HERE is the recipe.

And I still got to spend the day the way I LOVE to spend every Sunday… start with quiet, coffee and the Food Network…. K makes brunch and I meal plan for the week and start deal match ups… today I even got time for a bubble bath where I truthfully refilled the hot water TWICE…. Aghhh it was a GREAT day!!

Here is the plan for the week – Totally an easy one for us this week…

Monday –

Angel Chicken (derived from HERE) Bonus holiday off work so I am making this for dinner, but also making extra for freezer meals! I am also using the day off to make all the rest of the meals for the week which is short since K and CK are going camping!

Tuesday –

Cheesy Burrito Casserole

Cheesy Burrito Casserole (derived from HERE)–

Wednesday –

Pot Roast– placing in the crock, with just a packet of onion soup mix and carrots and potatoes.   The one I have is BIG so I will have left over meat to make my beef and noodles!

Thursday –

Breakfast for Dinner – We have dinner out so kids get waffles… whoohooo

Friday –

PIZZA – Just me and Josh so we are ordering Pizza or something… anything

Saturday –

WINE ?? – Just me…. Home alone…. Heaven…. I will probably spend the whole day cooking anyhow – but I am making NO plans!!

Sunday –

TURKEY DINNER – REALLY going to happen this time and plenty of leftovers to make my favorite turkey/chicken meals next week!!

 SO – what are you making this week??


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