Thoughtful Thursday


Thoughtful Thursday used to be a favorite column of mine – random thoughts amongst some craziness…. And I have started keeping track of tidbits I read on the internet so I figured you may be interested too… I also found a KILLER deal on a BJs Membership, so check that out too!!


Favorite ONLINE deal:


Get a BJs Membership for ONLY $10!! Buy for $35 and get the membership and a $25 gift card!! Click HERE!!!!  


Deal(s) to watch for:


  1. This weekend’s 3 day sale at SAVE-A-LOT shows b/s chicken breasts for $1.79/lb.


  1. Next week there is a HUGE cereal sale that is part of the bonus gas point deal at TOPS – find your Qs now!!


Crazy Tips I learned this week – all from the internet, so they MUST BE TRUE!!!


  1. Stale, hard baguette bread? Run it under water – completely, then wrap tightly in foil, place in a cold oven, turn it on to 350 and let bread set for 15 minutes. Remove bread from oven and foil – it will be very soft now – so put it back in oven, unwrapped for 5 minutes and it will lightly crisp up…. JUST LIKE NEW!!! Check out the video: HERE


  1. Wrinkled shirt, pants or dress? No time or desire to iron? Throw it in your dryer – on highest setting with 3 ice cubes – for 15 minutes… melting ice will ‘steam’ the wrinkles… pull out and wear… warm, fresh and wrinkle free!! Check out the video: HERE


  1. Bell Peppers have a ‘gender’… naturally the female are sweeter! Flip the pepper over, ones with 4 bumps are female (have more seeds – I think it is because women are more complex) and are sweeter and are better raw, while the ones with 3 are male and are better for cooking with… say what?? Hahaha   I think I need to get one of each and cut them up and taste them!!


  1. Hard”boiling” Eggs just got a whole lot easier! Bake eggs in muffin tins at 325 for 30 minutes… shock in ice water, peel and you have PERFECT hard ‘boiled’ eggs… bam, make fabulous deviled eggs!!!


  1. You can MAKE a candle melt the wax all the way to the outer ring by wrapping the outside of the candle in foil… The foil will hold the heat and melt the wax from the outside too… Check out the video: HERE


Some PERSONAL thoughts:

  • I actually like pepperoncini… who knew?!!
  • I wish I could take a class that would help me learn what to do with herbs… it is hard for me to determine what taste each one gives… but I am learning to use them!!
  • I have had enough of winter… My feet are permanently frozen, I have every blanket in the house on my bed and my skin is very, very dry from taking HOT baths just to thaw.
  • I do think Everything bagels are AMAZING!!!
  • I don’t think I am very good at making macaroons – or any baking for that matter – it is always a struggle for me… WHY?? This is going to be such a problem when I open my bakery… hahaha
  • It is BEYOND time to do another FREEZER MEAL workshop…. When can we all get together?


Happy Weekend upon us! What great plans do you have??





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  1. Here I have been all by my lonesome doing the most difficult part of the prep for my freezer meals at home! 🙂 Chopping broccoli with a board and knife to later on find a neat little chopper that cut the time by 100…., making chicken cordon bleu, making stuffed chicken dipping, breading, and on and on and on.

  2. Oh how I miss you my friend Lea Ann!!! 🙂

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