Sunday Funday ~ Weekly Meal Plan, Menu

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

Oh wait – same story – deviation from today’s intended plan for Turkey meal and prep work for the week… Guess what happens when you forget to take the turkey out of the freezer…YET AGAIN – ha – new plan! That’s okay, my sweet friend EVA introduced me to this “sauce” recipe HERE and with all the canned tomatoes and sauce I have got with coupons the last couple weeks – and the basic intent I have for this week – I made a HUGE batch of the sauce. I fried up the last of my ground beef stash and we had a delicious dinner of real ‘sgetti!!

AND because I never know quite when to quit – I set out to create the perfect “Orange Chicken” recipe… You know, I probably should have actually EATEN orange chicken before – HAAAAA – sad, but TRUE!! I wanted to try it for a freezer meal and kept looking at a variety of recipes and they were all across the board, so I picked 3 and made all 3 sauces in my 3 pot crock… what a CHORE! But can I tell you that I came up with the perfect sauce for an Orange Chicken freezer meal…. Only problem is I have no idea if that is what Orange Chicken is supposed to taste like… BUT we loved it so it is now OUR Orange Chicken! I will share the recipe this week!

You know what else I made today… I posted it on Facebook… It was sort of the equivalent of those delicious EDY’s bars… this was the pineapple (1 can), banana (2 small) and coconut milk (1 cup – Had a coupon for SILK – it is really good!) version. I didn’t bother with popsicles, but mixed it all in my processor and then popped the bowl in the freezer. OH MY GOODNESS – was that ever delicious!! AND totally HEALTHY – who knew?? Of course I am thinking of making it a cocktail for summer fun, but in the meantime this version was a snack hit with my entire family! HUH – I wonder what other HEALTHY stuff actually tastes good…   GIVE me a shout if you have something worth trying!!


I did a quick Rite Aid run to roll my UPS based on my initial DEAL PLAN HERE…..


Then I continued to plan for this week – Here is what we’re having:

Monday –

ORANGE CHICKEN – my new “perfected” recipe and will make an awesome freezer meal too! I have it all set to go with carrots and peppers – in the crock – and I will serve it over rice.

Tuesday –

FRIED SPAGHETS – Easy quick week night dinner…. All the leftovers from our Sunday Dinner – the noodles and Meat Sauce thrown in a skillet with a couple cups of shredded Mozzarella… Heat and serve!

Wednesday –

CHICKEN BISCUITS – I have the mixture in my freezer and LOVE this EASY and DELICIOUS version from PILLSBURY – HERE

Thursday –

BEEF STEW – love my Beef Vegetable Soup HERE, but found a recipe to make it more of a stew… so I will give it a try and let you all know how it goes.

Friday –

TACO BAR – Taco Chicken and Taco Beef both already prepped… hard shells, soft shells, lots of veggie options, salsa and sour cream… a true family favorite!

Saturday –

PIZZA NIGHT CK has his Scout Pinewood Derby all afternoon and we are doing “snacks”, then I have fun Girl’s Night plans, so K and the Kids will eat one of the DiGiorno stash. My friend Shannon also introduced me to CUTE brownies that look like Stop Lights (using M&M’s) so stay tuned for ‘cuteness overload’ pics!

Sunday –

TURKEY DINNER – REALLY going to happen this time and plenty of leftovers to make my favorite turkey/chicken meals next week!! (EVER hear this line before??)

Extra Plans: LASAGNA SOUP – My pal Dina talked about it and I wanted it and I have extra sauce so we shall see what happens…. Can’t wait for this one!


SO – what are you making this week??




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