Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

I finally made the TURKEY today… and it sure was delicious! I had a crazy busy weekend though and didn’t get to spend the day cooking and baking and watching cooking and baking shows… darn! BUT I asked for some help making a meal plan and everyone offered great ideas!

I planned a Rite-aid deal: HERE

I started the new week’s deals at TOPS – oh my, this week may be as crazy as last week…. LOVE the coupon deals!!

Then I got back to the menu for this week – Here is what we’re having and everything derived from the “have to be quick and easy” menu:

Monday –

BAKED ZITI – I made the sauce last week and although I like to make ahead, this is quick and easy enough to prepare on a busy week night!

Tuesday –

DOG and BEAN POT – Another Easy quick week night dinner…. Hot dogs cut in chunks and cooked right in baked beans in a casserole dish….

Wednesday –

TURKEY GRAVY over STUFFING PATTIES – all our leftovers from the Turkey Dinner… YUMMMM

Thursday –

BEEF STEW – another leftover already in my freezer from last week…. So quick and it truly was delicious!!

Friday –

DINNER OUT – Just me and CK so it’ll be his choice…. Can hardly wait – LOL

Saturday –

BREAKFAST FOR DINNER K is snowmobiling and although that man will eat SPAM, he does not like breakfast for dinner…. CRAZY… but since he is gone, the kids and I will make a breakfast buffet… for dinner… and then we can sleep in on Sunday and not worry about getting brunch in – LOL

Sunday –

Is there a meal called: “Don’t know, Don’t Care cuz K will be home from his snowmobile trip and can make dinner cuz I am going to see GARTH” otherwise known as PIZZA = probably – LOL!!



SO – what are you making this week??



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